No Bonus Point For Hitting Island With Same Element Dragons

2 hits on guards with Gig and Galgrim on the Dark Island for 125 points/hit nets only 250 pts. That’s only base points won, no bonus was awarded for using Dark Dragons.What’s your good excuse PG?

I’m getting bonus points just fine, on 3 accounts. You really need to open a ticket.

Do you get a bonus on other teams?

Maybe guards don’t give element bonus (just like temple doesn’t)

Mine is working do far.

How sure are you that you’re on the dark island? Hate to ask, but I’ve seen a lot of people mis-click or just get the colors confused.

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Not on other players as well. Only base points.

Working just fine for me

Sounds like maybe you werent hitting the right island

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Post screen shot of point breakdown on a regular (non-NPC) base

Hit the right island for pete’s sake

OP found out the issue.