No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message

Between one moment and thé next, we suddenly lost all chats and trying to attack in event results in being returned to event page, with a message saying « poor connection ». Is there a server down somewhere ? I am in Europe.


Same here, also Europe

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same here, Europe

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Same and same lol

I’m experiencing same! Not Europe. It’s certainly the game

Also for me. Europe based.

Same over here.
Iphone and Ipad.

Same here

@PGJared @PGCrisis @PGArelyna

ik wut if feels like :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Same here Europe. It’s depressing seeing this on the break I could play… :sob:

Same here :sleepy:

Actually, cannot attack anywhere, even outside event. :joy:

same here… in two different profiles and devices

same here, also Europe

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Same here… Europe aswell

Same here, also in Europe

Yau :wave::hugs:

Same issues here, in Dubai

same here uk