No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


Did you miss the part where PG stated this is due to a Service Provider being down in Europe? PG has no control over local Service Providers.


I said US players, not teams


So your saying even the issue I’ve had for 5 days not letting me in atlas is not PG fault either they do suck at keeping us happy always screwing something up


Gives a whole new spin to they have the matter well in hand.


Sweden, is down aswell.


working again


I hope it will be fixed soon, however I did send in a ticket this week about connection issues. And I knew it wasn’t on my end so I’m not entirely sure it couldn’t of been avoided. But with that said, what’s done is done and I’m just playing candy crush until it’s resolved.


PG uses the PubNub service which is the problem - so they are responsible for this downtime.

PubNub has a 99.999% uptime SLA. But they’ll probably just say the service was up (even though it isn’t working properly)


My bad then :slight_smile:
A russian team was kicking us while we could not play. I made easy assumptions. Sorry


waited a long time, and the LC loaded, and i was able for 2 runs … i wonder why… was it maybe for a very short time useable hmm


yup just went down again


same issue here, also Europe


from pubnub

Update - We have deployed a new filter to block the network traffic causing the outages. Early indications are showing some success at mitigating the flood and we are continuing to work towards a resolution.
May 4, 14:09 UTC


i waited 2 hours have all my chats back but not gonna do runs till its fixed


I think PG should call in MacGyver give him a paperclip and some duct tape, he’d have fixed in a jiffy.


Everything’s normal. This is a massive problem. We’re all having trouble. Have a good day :hugs:


All these updates and news he’s had to happen :man_shrugging:


Still more


Why the event is not stopped!
Some teams only can attack, all energy and time used to progress in event is now lost.
We have been demoted because near all our teamates can’t play !


The only fair thing to do is to reset the event. Let us keep the individual score, but gives ut the energy, inner fires, rubies and gold chests we’ve lost due to this issue. We understand it is out of your hands, but that doesn’t mean that well working teams should win this event by kicking those who’s down.