No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


We made it to the last round and noone in my team can play. But the other teams can, make the event in pause mode cause that aint fair😔


All fighting results done last 2 hours should be blocked and give people the stuff back they used.


I have sometimes access, sometimes not…
i reloaded wlan , or lte… and it worked after a time again…

i dont know if it was a lucky moment , but seems sometime be possible… but for many not it seems…


agree :sleepy:


Last round we where leading, than noone could attack anymore in my team. We ended 3rd or something. Make it fair and cancel those attacks that happen in downtime!


I got my chat groups back so got all excited thinking it was working again. Nope :joy:


All these lost hours =

  1. Lost personal rewards due to lost replenished energy
  2. Lost final team rewards as unable to make up the points lost due to above reason
  3. Lost final event finishing position reward as unable to make up the lead the teams who are still able to fight have created.

Let’s not forget most players will continue to farm chests whilst energy replenishes and can easily farm 50 chests an hour which would also have given more energy and inner fires. Also think of all the lost bonuses from huts and boats lost.

Pg’s likely compensation from previous track record

Middle finger to none USA players and 200 sigels for everyone even those not effected.


Connection still isn’t great, but I have chat & appear to be able to attack again. Earning points for the event, looks like we may be getting back on track.

EDIT -…and it’s gone again. That didn’t last long, but at least I got to attack, twice


Good for you. I still can’t attack anywhere in the game or chat at all.


Can attack, but without team gain, only personal gain, defending won’t work too. Chat is working though
Edit: while I wrote that, chat is gone again, attacks also don’t work, again :frowning:


Still same in UK we can’t attack. No events points no token mission


I can now see my chats, but not click on them or chat lol. I’m happy tho, one step closer! Patient really is the key when these things happen. It sucks- yea, but it won’t go any faster with complaining.

Hopefully PG solve this quickly and give us an apology gift we deserve :orange_heart:


A few normal and event attacks worked and last attack with full conection.



I now get way less Xp doing my Xp farms… thats an joke right?

Ok so all these new trash pg put in

Seems to be working now, although still a bit laggy.


And whats the compensation???


Mine is working fine now.


Me too this event is really broke. I can‘t attack I got 0 points and I got 46/16 energy in the bar over the pits. PG why why…!


But it’s so exiting now,right?
You never know if you’ll get in or no.
Like a Russian roulette :laughing:


You know what, the time i get in is the time where i smile :laughing:
And when not… i just try again , and again…

So this Russian roulette is like finding the happy end :smiley: