No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


I could do my egg runs, Atlas works. I didn’t dare to check the FP yet.

Edit: it’s laggy…:unamused:


Same here in the USA. Game is unplayable, delayed chat, cant join attacks and forget about defending. This has been going on for days!!! Why no fix/response from PG? Are we all done with War Dragons?


PG what’s going on? This problem has been on going for hours. Are we under attack from a panned player or is it something more innocent going on like a temporary glicht.

So many players are hit with this it’s umtrue.

I’m not like I’m asking for retribution of the stuff I’ve used, just for PG to let us know what’s going on

@PGJared PGCrisis.
Thank yoiu


Scroll up. I’ve already said what’s going on.


Very sorry must have skipped it. Quite a long post to read through.

I do apologise @PGJared.

But frustrated.


Round short before finish and game again dead…


I feel like you guys do not want that an europe team win for real


Who give me the chests and energy back when we lose again this round??


:woman_facepalming:t3: Dont open chests…the page hangs then kicks you. I logged back in and chests were gone and not sure if rewards were given :roll_eyes:


@PGJared it would be nice if you sent a news message to players that there is an issue. Instead of letting us find out on our own and comming on the forums to complain.
It would be a nice step in the right direction.
Just an idea.


Every time we fight for win, game is unplayable, while other can fight…


I feel your pain @GfxObiWanMoo

I’m in the same boat.


Even we get rewards, than the others will complain…even they got advantage


The only winners of this game is PG, unfortunately.


Mine seems to have been working for the last couple of hours fine


And still you end up unfair event


Keep getting booted from game half way thru a battle…waste of energy for nothing…i suppose they expect us to pay to get energy back just so we can get booted again…anyone else have this issue


Hi all! We truly apologize for the inconvenience players encountered earlier in the game today (May 4th). This issue with latency affecting our players from certain regions in the world has been resolved, so the game’s connectivity and performance should now be back to normal. As an apology, we sent a gift out to all of these affected players. We apologize again for the trouble and appreciate your patience.


Did you send out a gift to all affected players, or all players who raised a support ticket? ('cos I don’t see a gift on any of my accounts)

If I raised a support ticket every time I had an issue with the game, I’d spend more time writing tickets than playing the game…

(I’ll take a bet that there are thousands of players who still have siege weapons you haven’t swapped for energy packs - because they haven’t raised a support ticket when this failed to happen automatically)



And that’s you call Apologies gift sorry!!!