No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


I got nothing, I have had two apology gifts for atlas issues but nothing for not being able to play all day today in the U.K. :uk:


I didn’t bother raising a support ticket because it was clear it was a widely occurring issue. So I don’t get an apology?


The way I interpreted Arelyna: whoever plays via Server XYZ (the one that gave us headache) will be compensated.


I got an apology gift but as above its said for Atlas and not for the main event :frowning:


I’m having same troubles once again. 2nd time today, and after they said it was fixed, it was all laggy and sorts. Unplayable


My account was one of the affected. I didn’t send a ticket, but received a apology gift containing 5 inner fires and 5 energy packs.

As I recall I couldn’t play for at least 6-7 hours, even as a Dutchie I would gift slightly better :thinking:


What did I say would happen. :joy:

A pathetic amount of compensation for the loss of nearly 7 hours worth of play.
As expected basically a middle finger to all non USA players


Your picture didn’t load


The credit that went out had nothing to do with raising a support ticket. We took the list of players who had logged in within the last week from the areas our provider listed as impacted. If you didn’t receive anything, I would ask where you play from and if you use a VPN or something.

This is correct.


I sent a ticket about not receiving this compensation and was told it had not been sent out, yet you and Arelyna speak as if it has been so i am unsure what is going on here


I am in the U.K., have had issues all day , don’t use a VPN on war dragons , we are still having issues in U.K. and some friends in the EU , I have had zero apology only two for atlas issues


Same, I received nothing. Nor did my affected team mates, but I’m going to sleep now so maybe it will be there in the morning


I’m in UK, had issues for hours, don’t use a VPN and never got an apology gift. I can check with the other teammate who was having issues, but they’ll be asleep now.


Same here, I’m in London and couldnt play all day. Only had the Atlas apology too


The gift may take some time to appear in everyone’s game.


The issue isn’t over yet. Any way they can check up on it again?


Hi @Arelyna its happening again at the moment :frowning:


Same here. And the fight pit round is about to end…


Been like that for the last hour and a half for me

Edit: 2 hours


The connection is stable again. Let’s hope it stays that way.