No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


Sent a gift??
I was offline for 5 hours, raised a ticket.

No gift.

No apology.

Will check in the morning, but seriously disappointed with how this has been handled.


Same issue is back, chat wont load and cant attack


how much time should we expect for it to appear? it hasn’t for me yet :frowning:


I play from the UK using 4g and no vpn not sure why it wouldn’t have picked me up


I’ve been affected too guys but it’s not worth complaining about a gift that is yet to come. Best thing for now is trying to catch up what you can in event and if no gift comes by the end of the day, just contact support.


Not sure how long it’s meant to take to receive but nothing here yet (UK, no vpn) nor any of my team mates. Maybe someone forgot to press send :wink:


I’ve got 8 accounts (all of which had this issue) which have logged in within the last week from the UK (not using a VPN). None of them have got the apology gift yet.

Perhaps there is a bug in the gifting mechanism; because none of these accounts got the siege weapon to energy pack conversion ‘gifts’ either, so I had to raise support tickets for all of them.


Guys stop worrying about the gift, it was pathetic and not worth fussing over, I did receive it and it certainly wasnt anywhere close to compensate for the 7 hours of gameplay lost. A couple bull horns and 5 atlas chests. It’s like PG is saying we don’t really care that your team was demoted, that you couldn’t play for the majority of the day have a quarter of a cookie… I sent a ticket in about the apology gift and it got deleted :joy: truly shameful. Yes it was because of your provider, however as has been said many times before your customer service is lacking, a message in the system issueing an apology would have been a start yet we just got one about the ban wave.

Do you not care enough about your customers to issue an actual apology, or are you too stingy to actually give a decent compensation for the time lost yesterday. Treat others how you yourself would wish to be treated, so it seems that PG doesn’t want us to respect them, as we certainly aren’t being respected… @PGJared @Arelyna


i never got the gift and i couldnt attack for nearly 8 hours ??? edit think us in the uk been stitched up as per normal


That sounds like an atlas gift, not an event one. I don’t have atlas so atlas chests would be utterly useless to me lol


I’m UK, I sent in a few tickets though


It was an atlas gift, got nothing for event, even though I have atlas the gifts were virtually useless lol


Those Atlas gifts were for problems experienced in Atlas, PGEcho posted something over in the Atlas forums about it.


I hope therefore they’ll release an apology gift for the server issues if that’s the case!i


So, yesterday I (we) couldn’t play for 7-8 hours at all.
(missed out on everything, from team quests to Atlas) and it affected my whole team’s performance.
The game is now accessible, but still performing poorly:

  • Atlas lags again
  • claiming prizes takes long, and need to leave the event screen completely for anything to update. (effing annoying, both Atlas and WD)

I would really appreciate if the things got fixed before any compensation is posted.

edit: It has nothing to do with my router or device.


I am in Australia and havnt been able to stay in atlas more than a few seconds for the last 4 days - i get kicked out of the game usually after an event attack or the screen freezes and i have to reboot only to have the same thing happen - PG please help us its driving us crazy


This weekends event has been an unmittigated disater. Not being able to chat to team members. Event attack runs being not allowed due to “poor internet connection”now we are being prevented from joining team players on attacks as we now get told that our request to join took too long to reach your servers.
I am gerting really pissed of specially sfter all the money i gav3 spent 9n this game.
Fix it or i am leaving


Yay! Another player leaving! (I bet that you’re not really leaving since you already spent money on the game.)



I have 38 days elite left, spent some money on this game. I genuinely love my team, and have been obsessed with dragons since the day I was born.

With the exception of 1 agent at Zendesk I only have had positive experience with the PG employees and the CF members.

And the game itself is the best dragon game I have played so far, - deep breath, here comes the - but

there is a point when the bucket fills up completely. And lately there have been too many of these server issues, game bugs, update errors, little F ups, you name it. All those tiny drops fall into the above mentioned bucket…

I am 100% sure that everyone has a bucket like that.


Still issues here in U.K…
Coliseum to pits…
1st to mid table…
Very disappointing for the team and NOT IMPRESSED