No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


I live in Albania , eu not received yet the gift actually . i dont know what my vpn is actually I dont know where to find it. however I guess I have to wait till the server rolls out the gift to all


you guys experiencing the same again? esp in Germany?


In terms of the gift, I will speak to the appropriate people to figure out what is going on here. Also, please make sure to cycle through the gifts currently in your game (just in case you hadn’t already done so).

@ProudEnemy, the gift you are speaking of is most definitely not the same gift for this issue.


Thank You! I appreciate the effort.


Nothing at all here and finally able to play again with zero issues


Happy Saturday @Arelyn :hugs:
I’m getting this time out message, I’ve done all the internet checking and speeds are fine. I can log in here but can’t get into game


I am in NA and have had the game freeze and cause my new ipad to restart many times yesterday and today. PG’s only reply was they resolved it thinking it was due to a regional “latency” issues some when in Atlas.

After I told them it was not fixed I have not heard back.


5 refills and 5 inner fires was delivered to my gift box , thanks PG


7 hours of lost play and this is the reward. This doesn’t even come close to what players missed out on. Yes it’s a good will gesture but definitely doesn’t make up for loses


I didnt get a reward yet


**[quote=“Merlin, post:289, topic:48077, full:true”]
7 hours of lost play and this is the reward. This doesn’t even come close to what players missed out on.

you’re right. but considering what we got last time when they botched an event start themselves it’s at least something worthwhile :wink:


You are absolutely right 100%


I have to say thanks for the shafting didn’t even get a reach around. 5 health packs and 5 inner fires. Not a good apology for the players who have been affected. Should have thrown in twice that and some sigils.

The players who where effected like me have lost over a day in the event. This has also affected our teams and our standings.

Personally I think PG should have sent a message to all players to inform them what was going on. And restarted the event. When it was fixed.


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