No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


No chat no attacks


Wonder if PG is having a denial of services attack. One problem with banning hackers might be that you piss them off.


:see_no_evil::joy_cat:that’s awful


Annnd it’s gone again :sob:


Maybe it’s revenge from hackers :scream:
They took our server down :neutral_face:


I have the same problem as well, living in norway. Also the belgium players on my team, but it seems like everyone else can do everything😥


Briefly they were back for a bit… now it back down lol


Same here!

Been like it for hours. I can sometimes get to an attack loading but then “Poor Internet” message. Sometimes it wont even load chat



Kindda shitty eventwise as we cant do anything. Cant even defend. Even we see the banners


In the brief time I got onto my alt I saw we’d been hammered by the other teams in the league. Way to give an advantage to the US players lol.


We can look forward to our 6 egg tokens and 1 heal potion as compensation :grinning:


:joy::joy: if we’re lucky


Has Trump put on extra tariffs for the Europeans?!?! Pay to play!


not sure what happened, but my chat is working again. @_@
can you guys check yours?


Mine keeps going on for 30secs then off again Skye


Same here - in the UK. Managed a non event attack, but every time I try to attack in the event I get the poor internet error message. Can’t see chat either.


I just try join event and no conection


At least the atlas event is working - for those who can access it though :woman_shrugging:t3:


not working again… lmao


Yeah nope, no chat is my check lol. Interestingly I can still get mails though?