No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


Soon 2h with problem :confused:




Is this Eruoexit?


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I think this mens its a good time to take a break and watch some porn insted :slight_smile:


Didn’t work at first so had to redo it


Have the same problem in Australia


If this was affecting the US or fecking exclusive Atlas they’d have fixed it already but as it only affects us euro players then it’s low priority. 2 hours later and not even a response


Probably more an issue with them being US based than anything- because of the time difference. It’s got to be early hours still


Most all are having same issues (including US) but be sure to submit ticket in the help section of settings menu… jared, crisis, arylena, and other staff we see names of are not available during none work hours via errors…

I think its like 4:55AM for them right now… but I am sure tech staff is working this the best that they can and once those mentioned in comments above come in they will be able to find the issues!

May be a simple server sync error which sometimes I wonder if they are caused by cheating players who cheat with clock rewinds and stuff? :thinking:


Yup same here, also europe 🤦 did someone at pg headquarters fell asleep on the pauze button?? :stuck_out_tongue:


I can’t attack anywhere now, not even join battles, and this is pandemic.

I am in Scotland (UK) -
my Leader is Australia - she can’t attack either
but some of the USA based mates can attack. As it turned out I can’t join (back) them, so JoeYsTaR319 lost a MEGA coin.

oh, and the chat acts up:

The messages are sent despite the message, but still: this is so messed up.

The Forums log me off while composing this… I think I will just take the rest of day off from the game and see if it works tomorrow.


In UK same,


The majority of my team are euro based and as none of us can contribute and those that aren’t as sleeping we are going to get demoted at the end of this round. We were 1st in the event up until this issue started


We are to be promoted to Keep, but at this rate we will just be the Pit keepers. We hate this event anyway. Saves me time I wanted to spend on grinding. I feel sorry for everyone who likes it and suffers from this.


Same here!!
Well done WD, keep going!!!


Same here UK. I only started playing today and am enjoying the game but this is frustrating!


This is a joke , typically when an event is on you would think in the three years PG have been “trying” to run this game that they would have sorted issues like this out. Defo need decent compo here as used rubies to purchase energy and now im screwed. Cant attack , cant talk basically can not do much.

Uk based


Same here to me im in England


I have that problem too