No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


Compensation, :joy:

I’m sure they will send us a token jester of a laughable bronze chest along with everyone else who wasn’t affected.


Could it be caused by some angry banned players, a ddos attack perhaps?


We’re not first but we are now set to be demoted rather than climb up and there is nothing I can do to help- extremely frustrating! :sob:


Not sure how team supposed to get compensation,when our main spenders can’t help with event
It will cost team ranking in event and I’m not sure,that it could be compensated


More than likely. Problem pg forget is that as paying customers we are paying for a service and as such if they do not deliver the service we payed for we can claim for it legally.


Sicuramente dopo mandano un premio di compensazione scarso come sempre e tutto va avanti come al solito :disappointed_relieved: sinceramente ogni volta è sempre peggio i player investono tempo e denaro nel gioco e ci vuole un po’ di coscienza da parte degli sviluppatori del gioco fate meno aggiornamenti e fateli bene visto che siamo anche e soprattutto noi player a pagare gli stipendi


Dubai… same issue… submitted a ticket… told tonrestart my router… doubt all of our routers are the problem


Yup have the same problem om both my accounts, one Android and one ios.
Im swedish, have team members in australia with same issue.
So just wait and see, just to bad we get screwed in the event, just have to hope the other teams have same issue


Attackin, chattin and defendin are what makes this ame fun as heck. Cant do any of them. Its ok tho, we will be compensated with a few tokens and old chests and a nice little apoloy note. Holy moly, where are all my letter g’s…must be another litch, p will fix that too when they wake up!


It would’ve better if there was a more specific error message to advise that a server is down and then at least we’d know it’s not the internet connection. That was the most frustrating thing. I was troubleshooting for that when actually there is nothing I can do.


Sales contracts

(1)A contract is a sales contract if under it—
(a)the trader transfers or agrees to transfer ownership of goods to the consumer, and
(b)the consumer pays or agrees to pay the price.

Sort this mess out PG . We have payed for goods and a service …Yet we have neither


yes same issue with me too…


They should just reset this round. Let people keep the personal points earned if they want but not apply any vp points for the teams so we aren’t being penalised


its crap half of teams cant attack and arr unfairly getting chucked into a lower pit hope pg has a good gift for this


Got all excited then that they’d fix it as one of my Alts showed the chat rooms. So did an attack (no one could join), completed the raid with 3 IF … but got no points as server timed out. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Good suggestion. It’d only be fair to reset this round and let players who could hit keep their individual points.


One thing i truly hate and pissig me of is when a service or something crashes and NOT a single word / news is out.

It dosent take any time or effort to say something is wrong and we are investigating it…


Still not working in Netherlands


I cannot also attack in the event:sleepy:


5 minutes until megas are disabled which means we are all about to get pounded with no way to return fire :smirk: