No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


Same here and I’m from Europe as well. I feel it was bound to happen, I have the latest iPhone so it rarely crashes or anything and this week I have been having “connection” issues. Not sure if there is a connection but it seems suspicious. Hope they fix it soon.



Jared what is up here ? The active time of european player european player cant play the game ???
Get attacked by others… Ruined our event because we sit at last places…

You know what … Tell me what PG did good for european players since you are here ?
And i can tell you more things where we “ALWAYS” are in disadvantage…

Really when i see that … i really get angry… and wow thanks banwave… What have we from ???
Cmon and set the US and far Asia servers out for same time too… if we speak about fair situation…

Maaan … do you really now that we are always taken for the loosers spot ?
If in europe you have no good people, or tecnic… or what it is ever… then it shouldnt be always us…
you know what i mean …

Just seeing us loosing in events and more… while we are good -.-


First no chat no battle now worse !! cant even load the game. It hangs on loading game 99%… From Pakistan.


Russian servers seem to work fine :stuck_out_tongue: They are kicking our ass :unamused:


Same here, can’t do anything, and team is losing because some can do the event, how fair is that?


Hey folks, we are currently aware of this issue impacting our European players. We are looking into this and trying to resolve it as quickly as possible.


Bet this is a fun one to wake up to :wink:


Just been demoted to the Pit :clap::clap::clap::clap:


The developers do not have to deal with bans, and watch the game.
What’s behind the ugliness, how much will it continue? A single event can not be held without a glitch, but think they are cooler than boiled eggs :egg:. Tired of all this already, when will a stable game? and that about kompensaci for moral damage? and how they will take into account the results of this round? I think they should be considered not valid


Me and my teammates from Europe just did few Megas and team haven’t received any points from our attacks
Only counts,as our personal points


Not far from Russia and still can’t do anything :joy_cat:


Same here . Middleeast/europe.
It was fin 6h ago


AGA Russian hackers
and here the distinguished :grinning:


For sure. Went to bed late because of the ban wave and now this. I’m walking on sunshine, y’all.

Honestly though it’s worse for folks who can’t play. I can always try to sneak a nap later today.

This issue is not due to devs or coding or anything. One of our providers went down.

I have never heard this saying before but I love it. Where is it from?


I think you should seriously work on your mistakes. Too many of them became


I’m the only one who read PornHub instead of pubhub!?


Please go back and try reading what I wrote. This isn’t a bug or a glitch or anything of the sort. A provider had an outage. It is beyond our control.

Good grief.


“Good grief” :joy:


i have seen dragons there as wel :grin:


As this will return the lost rating team? and why should I be interested? I want to play and enjoy the game, not to fight with the windmills. This is your repuacija in the end