No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


We’re working with the provider to get this resolved before we look into any corrective measures.

So you’re just trolling? Enjoy the forum ban.

Let’s drop this discussion line. It’s dangerously close to things that should not be on this forum.


Same here and because of it we’ve been demoted back down to the pits :rage:;


We’re working with the provider to get this resolved before we look into any corrective measures.

I believe its a bit late, teams have been demoted because of this problem. A correct measure is required i hope!


Info from pubhub:

Identified - We have put mitigations in place and are beginning to see timeouts and latencies decrease. As we route more euro traffic through the mitigation, we expect to see continued improvement.
May 4, 12:43 UTC
Update - We are experiencing abnormal traffic patterns which is causing latencies. We are working to improve latencies and are rerouting traffic where possible
May 4, 12:04 UTC

Abnormal?? Denail of Service Attack? Revenge of a banned player?


Chill. You won’t lose that much points due to a few hours of glitch. Event just started.


when is this solved its getting annoying, cant transfer my rss and communicate with my team in game


Geez people, it’s clearly out of PGs control, lighten up. If you’re an hour late to work because of an accident on the freeway, does your employer still pay you that wage cause it wasn’t your fault? Typically not. Stuff happens…


You just get demoted in a slow and steady event where rounds are key. …no point to worry bout as an american. …ah wait its affecting eu


I think that should be there go to sentence “stuff happens” :joy:


Luckily this ain’t happening during breeding :pray:


Yes Chill. Afterall War Dragons is a war game, be prepared for the unexpected (this includes also ‘connection’ or other RL related stuff) :thinking::joy:


Or during a war :pray:


Same here. This is really annoying especially during PvP. We are unable to fly attacks and therefore this Event rating shouldnt count imo. All the players who can attack have a huge advantage. Not to mention we are loosing egg tokens and are unable to do our xp runs. My team is loosing in PvP cause of the problem and cannot attend in the current Atlas Event. This really sucks PG.


Seen ban players
This is the only
What you can do


I’m sure eu players will receive some gifts from pg hehehe :kissing:


Other teams took advantage…
… why should i open chests after this point…
… japanese teams do very greatly during this times now… and what we have from ?

A lost day… lost gameplay… lost gold and Atlas event… Ruined event !!!
Made not my day!!!


Stop the mouths of otkuljuchaja players from the Forum is not the best solution to the problem. But when there is no argument that it is the only thing that you under force


I can’t see the chats, but at least i can talk to myself


lost gold ? and atlas event ? i still get my gold and do atlas event lol


lmao i was doing the exact same thing till my team chat went away again lol