No chats, can’t attack in event « poor connection » message


They have no
the case before this , they believe their profits


I will never be able to do quests neither…


Are you kidding ??

WE are unable to attack… we cant win gold , we cant make points there…!
We cant even defend us… we cant do missions… no eggtokens… no bronze chests… Nothing … Or for what Land do you play ?


I’m in europe still lol i just ask bankers to transfer gold in mail that way i dont miss out on atlas event


And now think that there isnt much gold over after people took new lands when new land was opened…

Maybe you play in a non european team… but our people are all from !

edit: Communication isnt working aswell btw!


nope we have ppl all over the world , and some teams have still a lot of gold depends how you do everything with taxes and saving etc


you probably are not leading of your team, or your team dont played for more land…
because there you need gold for upgrades… and just believe we do it rightly… and the game f… us up…


we did get new lands and upgraded them and no im no leader but we manage to still have gold


Will we get any compensation? I haven’t been able to play for the past 4 hours, i sent in a ticket at 10:30 am UK time and now it’s 14:45… I understand it’s due to your provider but this is truly ridiculous and I’ve missed out on a huge number of event points and tokens… Compensation should be equal to the amount an acitve player can score in the time it takes to get servers back up! I.e. a few hundred energy, inner fires and some egg tokens to say the least at this point!


Same for me, they replied that my connection was the problem :rofl:


Yeah same here! Europe


Update - Unfortunately the mitigation we applied only worked temporarily. We are still seeing unusual massive traffic patterns which continue to cause latencies and errors. We are trying other mitigation strategies and will continue to provide status.
May 4, 13:31 UTC

Looks like we will be waiting for a while longer :cry:


Portugal same problem, no chat and cannot do attacks( normal, event, atlas)


Yep, can’t do anything!


Yep. During end of round as well 🤦


Does not work in Russia


Had this issue for 7 hours PG if u see this you suck at keeping your players happy enough said :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Not really since our European teammates are in the same boat as you are - unless your team is made up totally of EU players?


this isn’t pg’s fault its their provider they cant do shit about that so calm down


Yup having the same problem uk. a vpn seems to solve this - connected via a canadian vpn server :laughing: