No chest dropping

Hey has anyone else had no bronze chest dropping? I always wait to run all my xp runs and such for after event to start and have ran over 50 bases now and not even 1 drop from a monument

You’ll likely want to try reinstalling, assuming hard restarts were already tried, and you don’t want to wait even longer; make sure that you remember your PocketID info.

Okay I’ll try uninstalling thanks

This happens to me sometimes, especially in the day between events. It returns to normal in a day or so, so it doesn’t really bother me too badly. :man_shrugging:

if it happens, reinstall and it should drop chest

Thank you :+1: Ain’t a huge deal for me since I don’t open chests often, but if it persists I’ll reinstall. :upside_down_face:

You do realize that when an event ends, chests stop dropping until the next event starts, right?

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Support got with me and said it’s a glitch and fixed, then gave me the chest I was supposed to get. Ty very much

Oh. I didn’t know that was intentional. Lol thanks

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