No Chest Drops during Event



Is anyone else having this problem at the moment?

I am not getting any chest drops during this fortification event, however, I am getting the 10-ruby drops. Are chests turned off for everyone or is this a problem with my installation?


I’ve been getting chests. Are you on iOS or Android?


I’m using Android on a Samsung Galaxy S8


Chests in Atlas or core game?


I don’t have access to Atlas yet - I’m just talking about regular chests in the main game bronze/silver/gold. None drop when I attack, just the occasional rubies in their place. I noticed my chest count has been identical all day and then realized the rubies were dropping.


I’m on iOS, so I don’t know if this is an Android issue, or a bug seems to be only affecting you.


Oh, this is in another thread already as well. @Psarus But anyway, I’m on Android and getting chests in both core and Atlas. My iOS account is as well.

Some people on iOS are also getting it, though:


Please use the link provided