No chest drops in breeding event

I am not getting any chest drops, only +10 rubies.
It’s like I am not longer in the breeding event!

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I hate this event :rage: no chests and when you hardly get one it’s :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: prize
I hateeeeeeee breeding event
It should be with training, at least it would be better

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I am having the same issue, it seems to have started with the release of the Rider. Chests were dropping fine the first day of the event, then stopped cold. No chests at all, only rubies and the regular stuff that normally drops. Submitted a ticket but no reply.
PS - playing on IOS. My alt also on IOS is getting chests. Hitting bases 20+ levels higher than I am with max XP, so that isn’t the issue.

This Issue was fixed for me with a complete uninstall and reinstall

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