No chest from attack’s 🙄

Uhmm I just kill 43 k troop and lose 13k but no chest :eyes:
Yet battle diary has hit and glory log :sweat: is it a new bug ?


Same here, I imagine some server lag. I haven’t tried restarting yet

Same here, no chests showing for the past hour. The first are in the battle log so I assume the chests will show up eventually.

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well am even reinstall game no treasure chest :c

Same problem here. Got chests from my attack 1.5hrs ago but none for the two attacks half an hour ago. It also shows the attacks with earned glory in battle log. Too scared to keep attacking until this issue is resolved :wink:


Same here. No chests☹️

Idem for me. Glory but no chest

hmm must be hudge delay. my chests are just drop inventory … heard from team mates also gold drops after attacks has issues too :roll_eyes:

Its all delayed my gold was to

I got my chests from 90 minutes ago now. My chests from 50 minutes ago are still missing.

Same … waiting other half from second attack …Dunno if they even come ,cant calculate anymore :persevere:

Dont worry pg is working on some war tweeks all will be great lmao

I have atlas chests but can not open them. Well over 200. I get a message that says insufficient currency. Wtf?

Guess we are too many with same issue

Mine did that. Completely closed out the app and they showed up. Also had a problem with a 0 troop prim hanging around. Restart helped that too

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Maybe PG needs to get Google to feed the engine.


Mine lagged about 2 hours, maybe 3. Opened 30, got no bonus chest, but the PvP event was still there and I all of the sudden had a bonus gold chest…

I got mine, but I will say it was a couple hours before I checked.


Chests seem to come back after 2 hours or so , but if you try to open them you dont get the bonus after each 30 chests open