No chests on android (again)?

2 runs, no chests, just rubies after event went live. On Android Xperia XZ Premium. Please fix this

Did the event load while you were in-game, or did you load after it started?

:roll_eyes: of course it’s after the event started. reloaded game like 3 times after and got no chests

I am getting chests on android. I have had this bug several times and it seems to be hit or miss.

I started getting chests after the second sync. Android, of course

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yup. After 5 restart, 1hr after event, i started to get chests :frowning:


It’s not just android FYI. I’m on iOS and I was actually getting a mixture of rubies and chests every other battle. Was really weird. Oh well, seems ok now though.

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I’m still not getting chests - is there a way to remedy this? I have cleared cache and restarted on Android to no avail.

Still nothing? I feel for you… I get significantly fewer chests compared to the previous season, but still something drops at least.

Rebooted again and cleared the cache again. Still no drops, but by now I must have gotten a couple hundred rubies!

I can’t buy sigils, though, so rubies aren’t a very fair trade… @PGJared not sure if you are following this thread

Jared is off this month, or at least limited interaction due to year end workload, etc. Have you filled out a support ticket? He can’t come running for every issue. Poor guy would be run ragged :blush:

Sigils are in Gold chests and you can buy those with gems. Much better drops than bronze chests too.

I’ve never had this issue before, but just wanted to add that a few minutes ago I got both chests and a 10 ruby drop (“Statues” monument dropped the rubies, monument closest to your castle). Weird. I also got a brone chest on the same run.


I submitted a support ticket and they responded pretty quickly. A full uninstall/reboot/reinstall seems to have fixed the issue. Thanks PG for the quick response.

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