No chests on attack

For the whole of this event I haven’t gotten any chests while attacking. Although I don’t mind the rubies, I am disappointed with no chance of winning sigils. Especially while Aibrean is on sale. Idk if anyone else is having this problem but it’s becoming very irritating.


Make sure you have a pocket ID to log back in.

late but clear data, and cache then uninstall / reinstall

Make sure you use the search function as others likely had the same issue and posted already… it’s much faster and keeps the forums free of clutter

@TheRedDelilah doing as I said :joy: bringing duplicates to your attention


This solution doesn’t help. Still issue … no chests only rubies.
Waiting to see if continues during breed event.

Must say solutions r prioritized odd and really slow.

Right now everybody is getting rubies, as is normal between events (not saying it’s not an issue for anyone, just saying until the event starts later nobody should be getting chests)

I know… been playing for years
But since I haven’t had a single chest from attacking since season start I would say … they have a problem with game and it’s major if you ask me.

Okay, good luck to you then. Fixed it for me and many others. Guess something different is up for you if in fact you did what I suggested.

It wasn’t a solution, more a fact that there’s a few threads like this… and you could’ve read any of them by searching, as per usual, contact support

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