No chests! What gives?


I have been attacking a lot and I have got 0 chests In Over 24 hours… what’s up?


did you get rubies?
Apple or Android?

By the way, try to search the forums, keywords: “chests rubies”


The solution we would give you is already present in those. Have fun reading!


I don’t think reading about other people who weren’t getting chests drops is going to help them. :joy:

However, submitting a ticket to the help center will help you a lot more than posting here will.


Here’s my usual workaround, it’s a hit or miss solution :

  1. Log out of War Dragons app. I do mean to log out in settings, not just closing the app. It is absolutely mandatory to have a Pocket ID because otherwise you will lose your save when you delete the game data! Close the app totally.
  2. In the phone Settings go to Apps, War Dragons, force stop, clear cache and delete data.
  3. Uninstall War Dragons.
  4. Restart your device.
  5. Reinstall War Dragons.
  6. Do a few runs vs. high level players in normal game or Atlas (invader) if you have it.

If it still doesn’t work, raise a ticket ingame or here in your web browser and explain your issue to the support :wink:

I hope you will be able to get your chests soon! :blush:


As I have this exact same problem every Wednesday, and I also posted in at least two of those threads how I solve it without opening a ticket, reading may be a little more helpful than one would think.


It’s worth mentioning to repeat the process several times, as sometimes one isn’t even enough.


True. I’ll add it next time. I usually don’t need more than one reinstall :sweat_smile: I’m a lucky one…

  1. Use the forum’s search function
  2. Clear game data/ game cache
  3. Uninstall and reinstall

If steps 1-3 dont work then proceed to step 4

  1. Log out of your account (make sure you write down your pocket ID first just in case there is a problem logging back in
  2. uninstall and reinstall. You’ll probably start up the game with a new lv 1 account, just go to settings and log into your account
  3. If both of those fail to fix it then submit a ticket to support. You’ll be able to perform steps 2-5 about 90 times before you hear anything helpful back from support that isnt “uninstall and reinstall” or “you’re supposed to be getting those in addition to chests blah blah blah wrong information”


This is sarcastically true unfortunately. It still made me chuckle darkly… :smiling_imp:


For #6, I’d rather make a ticket and tag Arelyna.
At least I know that she tried / did something on her end to fix it.


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