No Christmas gift from Pocket Gems 🙈

Did anyone get a Christmas gift from Pocket Gems? I didn’t get one … maybe they don’t love me. :sob:


They didn’t give one out in the previous years either. Not a huge surprise.

How is that possible? They gave me a Valentine’s day gift and Thanksgiving gift. Christmas is the biggest gift giving holiday. :hushed:


Don’t ask me, I don’t understand it either.

Maybe because not all players are celebrating Christmas because of different religions? Or maybe they are still on vacation? :grin:

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As if Thanksgiving was celebrated worldwide…


This is peak War Dragons forum right here.


I was looking forward to a free gold chest, egg tokens, and timers. Politcal correctness, wow :zipper_mouth_face:


If they were worried it could’ve been a happy holidays gift lol

PG should give a special Christmas dragon, maybe charge us like $5. ( All white spells because it’s a white Christmas!)

Maybe because religious holidays have an increased chance of backlash? It’s a difficult line to tread. I would like to see a world where we all learn the history and culture of others and actually respect it rather than descend into a world where we are too afraid to say anything to anyone.

I acknowledge history has been ugly (especially in the name of religion) but surly we can move past this?


I wanted a present lol😭

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I didn’t get one either. I don’t know if anyone that did but I could be mistaken. :disappointed: maybe no gift this year​:disappointed_relieved::gift::christmas_tree::disappointed_relieved:

Your presence is present enough!


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:slightly_smiling_face:so very nice of you to say

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I literally made my kids wait to open presents while I looked for my present in the game. All day I kept checking then I told myself well maybe I was on the naught list. Happy to know I’m not on the naughty list and the religious affiliation makes sense. We still have New Years…

Lunar or Gregorian? It never ends. LOL

I could change my religion for a day to get this gifts :joy::joy:

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Christmas is a religion holiday, so its normal that you didnt get any gift. BUT its possible that you get one as new year gift.

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Im sure pocket grinch will instead increase their prices and costs of getting seasonal dragons as well as timer costs for buildings and egg token cost for new dragons. But Merry Christmas anyways

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