No connection when there is defence

Goodmorning fellow Dragon warriors

Many people are facing the issue that when there is a defense during an atttack your dragon freezes and gets killed while it doesn’t move…
I currently have a 150mb fibre line UP and DOWN so connection is Definitely NOT the issue​:rofl::rofl:

I had logged a ticket with PG i got a response back saying i should record a video and upload it to youtube because they havent heard of that issue.

This is definitely a bug and they KNOW that…probably just Lazy to fix the issue OR they dont know how too as yet!

PG at its finest


Better continue here Dragon keeps flapping which is already tracking by PG staff.

I couldnt join 80% of def two days ago

There are multiple issues with wars at the moment.

Flames not counting, pg even acknowledged it and just said do that war run again to players. Bit hard to simply do it when you just run a wave.

Unable to join defence as well as when you Do join defence you can’t place hammers

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@moderators is it possible to link my thread above and this thread. Thanks!

This is a known issue, which is already being discussed in the thread that Ryuu started, which has been kindly linked by @OzcanArslan up higher in this thread. Please continue the discussion there. Thank you.