No connection you lose troops


At six times now in the last 2 days i have been in combat, defenders join, then suddenly it exits combat, throws up a brown screen complaining of no connection, returns to atlas without restarting and my prim and troops are dead. anyone else see this?


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Ugh… This is the most annoying of all the annoying stuff, ever.

I know it quite well, the “you need internet connection” message in the game has visited me a few times already.

What did I do with it?

Gently closed the game. Cleared the cache (It has become my second nature), restarted my phone, then went to the kitchen and treated myself with a mug of hot chocolate.
By the time I got back to the living room, the game worked just fine.


so what does clear the cache mean? on my ipad i uninstall and reinstall app but when i open reinstalled app it knows who i am so smething was still cached


I am on Android, and we have the option to individually clear the cache for each app. As far as I know iOS offers no such.


I really think there are things people are doing to kick attackers and force them to lose troops. :confused:


If that’s true then they’re awful people :angry:


Really, I find throwing my phone across the room while creatively stringing cuss words together works just as well. To each their own


Yea. I just close the app, and come calmly read the forum posts about the exact same game issues I’m currently having.

I believe the connection errors are happening while PG works continuously and aggressively to improve my game experience. I’m sure this is the last time this will ever happen now that they have prioritized correcting these issues ahead of those other insignificant things like game balance, scaling, or player retention

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But on the other had there will be people who cut connection if there was a reimbursement for lose of connection, when they have poor runs to not lose troops

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Lol. :joy: I feel your pain.


To clear the cache on an ipad (or iphone, works the same there), press the power button until you see the “swipe to power off” message, then press and hold the home button until you’re back to your desktop (home desktop, not the game’s).z

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What about on the X?


i just had the no connection bug happen again when defender joined late. i force close. reboot ipad. try attack again. defender joins late and boom they win instantly and i lose troops. this is is a really bad bug which makes game play unpleasant. i mean a fast internet coonection and new ipad pro. its not me. its slow defenders is my bet and now it causes attacker to lose.

Here is what i get to my ipad via wireless. if thats a slow network i am a monkeys uncle.


So customer supports saysreboot ipad which i have done many times. clear safari cache and get this set graphics to poor or low. Yeah i wanna play something that looks like space invaders v1. if the defenders networks is slow why should you die?


and it just happened again. Cost me more than 10k troops today alone. i know this is happening to other people. do you just not care that the game has a serious bug with defenders joining or is everyone just jaded and tolerates a crummy game experience.

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