No Credit for several defense

Has something changed with how defense points get credited? I used to be able to enter an attack and get credit for simply showing up. In one of our current wars, I enter and see the opponent flying, I put up my supershots and exit (since base severely outclassed by dragon). After I see the opponent’s flame count go up, I notice that we are still stuck at 34 defends.

It’s happened more than three times and in a close war, as you know, defense makes all the difference. I’m assuming it can’t be related to airplane mode because that’s been (purportedly) fixed.



Usual questions would be (a) im assuming you checked it wasnt a decoy - aka no other attacks happened that he got flames for

(b) you waited a bit to see if you didnt get a def point later on.

I’m sure you probably did this, but its just to set the stage. Would be odd if anything changed

I guess I will see what happens with this and the next wars. Probably just better coordination than my defenders are capable of countering. Wanted to be sure wasn’t a systemic problem. I thought I read a post a while back but I even searched just “Def” in the hopes I’d find it. Nothing stood out.

Thanks for getting back to me.


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