No drops from monuments in Atlas on my account?

Did anyone else encounter this issue? I am pretty sure I never saw a single drop of any kind from a monument in any Atlas attack. I had a back-and-forth discussion with support for more than a week. They tried to update some attributes in my account, but that did not help, so I decided to check for any community wisdom.

I think it may have something to do with my low spec device, iPad mini 2 16GB. It can only run Atlas on minimum settings without crashing too often (including e.g. boats disabled), so maybe some performance optimization also gets in the way of the drops?

If support cant fix it. Ask to have the petition escalated and if they dont do it close the petition and start a new one.

This happened to me many times before. Unfortunately it takes the “right” support person to fix the issue. Not sure if some are not experienced enough or maybe just dont care, but it can be fixed via support, thats for sure.

Hope that helps

Thanks for your advice. I will try to reach them again. It was sure a funny experience, with a new representative replying every time, and half of them not even understanding what I was talking about.

I think you have to enable boat destruction animation, I had that issue on my Ipad mini, too.

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Yes, not necessarily the animations, but I tried the destructible boats option again, and in combination with whatever they changed in my account, this enabled the monument drops this time around.

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