No Eggs if use Mystic Fragments

Hi! I breeded 2 legendary platinum dragons but got no platinum eggs looks like because of using mystic fragments!
Why!? I’ve used tons of egg tokens but almost every egg was completing by fragments and now have 1! platinum egg! But have 5 dragons in platinum tier!
Can you please fix it? And how to return/get my deservedly received platinum eggs!?

You seem to be confusing a couple of things.

I assume you’re talking about platinum eggs for builder hut / balloon / research ?

You only get those when you breed extra copies of platinum dragons, so having bred platinum dragons once doesn’t mean you have extra eggs. If you follow red’s breeding paths it will tell you what breeds get you extra eggs if you complete them normally.

And of course if you finish a breed with fragments you’re not breeding the other eggs you would normally get with that combo, that seems kinda obvious. Putting fragments for egg A does not give you egg B.


Follow Red’s guide, breed any sapphire mentioned…

Thanks a lot, now I understand)

Usually the platinum eggs for hut and research come from breeding the legendary platinums like rizar and kelvin. All depends on what path your following. If I remember right almost every path gets you al 4 legendaries but I might be remembering wrong.

egg only count when the dragon has been hatched and you repeatively breed that same egg over and over again


I agree

Thank you! Ye, logicaly agree) if you breed dragon how can you have an egg after that)
Appreciate your help)

No. As soon as you have the egg any additional eggs completed will count. No need to hatch.


FTFY. Everything except Sekhem gives a shitton of plat eggs iirc. I got 21 off Iteru and 26 off Anapa iirc.

Don’t you just wish these were rather the much needed Green/Gold Eggs :roll_eyes:

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I got most of my platinum eggs breeding sapphires. I got maybe a handful from breeding all platinums but first sapphire pumped them out

Just need 30 extra greens for rage research :thinking: Isn’t that expensive, but it’s still bokens.

:sob: I have PTSD over gold eggs.


Same here, 29 more eggs for the rage (Since I decided to do 6% tower damage :roll_eyes:)

I need about 105k egg tokens to get the plat construction bonus… but I think ill just leave it till I hit obsidian :sweat_smile:

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