No Elemental Embers during breeding


Something which bothers me quite a bit. Why is it we get a overflow of outdated ice and fire shards from gold chests during breeding, but no elemental embers? Especially now there has been added another flak tower…

Why do we even have so many different currencies?
So many good suggestions have been made on the forums already, but seems no actions are being taken. Just convert it all into one type of currency, which can be used to upgrade all premium towers.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind spending some money. Just find it weird that if I would want to build a new Earth Flak tower now, I would have to wait till the next Fortification event in order to “purchase” more Elemental Embers.



100% agree.


Or if that’s too scary, switch them out for ele embers/black pearls.


Well I’m sure if we keep asking… they will eventually answer… :roll_eyes: … wont they…

Also, prob gonna end up adding an elemental ember pack or black pearl pack… prob gonna look something like this…

Elemental ember pack… 99.99

5k elemental embers
1k breeding tokens
10 400k lumber packs
12 1 hour timers
20 12 hour timers
10k rubies

Then replace the black pearl pack with some options and 1k black pearls…

Will be shit indeed either way.
Then again… prob estimated the embers too high… prob 1k embers :joy:


probably start as an A/B test :see_no_evil:


Now that the flakes are no more, we can expect new currency for newer towers :expressionless:



I opened 20 gold chests and didn’t receive 1 egg token.

Opened 50 on my alt and they got a total of 3k.

Total money grabbing pg tactics as normal.


Unlucky start I guess :rofl::rofl::rofl:
(Perhaps you want to peek your next drop :eyes: )


Was getting around ~10k Elemental Embers from gold chest purchased with the $100,- pack during fortification. Which is still a rip off, but atleast it was something. Right now you’re not even able to get them.


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