No Enough Ember In Game

5 flacks from lv142 to lv145 takes 178500.

5 Electrum towers lv142 to lv145 needs 105750 Electrum bars.

Why are Ember towers so much more expensive than Electrum towers? I feel these days it’s easier to get Electrum than Ember. Can we get some balance please?


Agreed, let’s make Electrum towers cost 70K more


I’m low in embers, electrums and eggs. I feel your pain. :weary:

All of the good towers are expensive currencies. And while I’d build lightnings all day, lightning resist spells kinda kill that idea. Whomp whomp whomp…




PG will respond to this with reducing the amount of electrum.


Since the introduction of electrum towers the demand on embers has reduced, as you’ve probably noticed most people have more electrum towers the ember towers.

Only because Orrerys made Earth Flaks totally irrelevant. Fire Flaks are still more likely to be seen than Pylons and nothing comes close to matching an ice flak. Almost no one is bothering to use an Oculus.

Honestly the Electrum towers have been rather all over the place. Howie is obviously good, Orrerys are broken af still and were one of PG’s worst mistakes ever made. The Oculus is worthless and the Archmages are just a premium version that you can have more of. Pylons arent bad but are under-supported and IMO should have been 2 per island instead of 1 (but dont stack their ss).
We dont need another OP version of an already existing tower and we dont need a crappy gimmicky version either. I’d mostly just rather see a viable option for an offensive tower similar to the pylon. We need more beam towers seeing as how we only have 2 relevant ones.

The problem with Embers is they haven’t bothered to really address the growing inflation. I mean it costs 456k embers just to build 1 new flak yet we are still getting like 20k-30k per full cost line and that’s also having to maintain any that you already have.
Electrums though are not the problem, hell they’re actually very helpful since you can use them as high quality merging or transforming material. It’s much easier to just build a pylon and then turn it into a flak. This all goes back to the terrible job that the economy team has done. We are still trying to survive off wages from 5 years ago against modern day costs. Them adding 900 embers here and there does literally nothing at all. Yet they think it is justified then to raise line costs and devalue those lines. Nothing about this game’s economy is sustainable in the slightest unless you’re a whale or a former whale.
Like it’s great when you get a mythic ember drop from platinum but that’s only worth 2 levels on a max flak. That’s not sustaining anyone.


Alas that does sound like a very PG solution :joy::joy::joy:

Not true at all. Howies are still limited to two and there are only that many orreries you’re going to have. The rest of electrum towers are much less relevant.

I wish! I am always low in electrums. The line is expensive so I don’t typically get it all the time. And, the timers within it are more tempting than the electrums cause I’m starved for timers too. Feels like I’ll never get another island maxed at this rate.

But, I’d really wish they’d allow something to be built and transformed/merged with MF-ing pearls! I have wayyyy too many pearls!

As you’ve stated in your post, the game economy is so broken it’s actually ridiculous at this point. And, it is very much a slap in the face the little amounts they put into lines that won’t even build an entire tower.


If you’re out of Electrum because you didn’t do the Electrum branch that’s not quite the same thing. There is no Ember branch on offer yet towers require almost twice the Ember compared to Electrum. However if they decided that we could pick one or the other it wouldn’t solve the problem because it still would limit upgrading seeing as we all need both Ember AND Electrum.

The same case could be made with not electing to trade pearls for embers in trading posts. The problem is the quantity of all of these rss. And, the value PG places on them.

I refuse to buy a 100$ pack for like 30k elemental embers. That’s never going to get me anywhere. That’s not even putting a dent in things. It’s ridiculously over-valued by PG, and the quantity doesn’t solve any problems.

In a pinch, would I consider spending to make a fort goal? Maybe. But, I sure as hell wouldn’t spend 100$ to upgrade 1 tower maybe two levels?

The ENTIRE economy is jacked. I also desperately need ice turret shards but every available opportunity to get some, then displaces me from getting more embers. I don’t understand why it’s 27k ice shards for one level? It seems a very easy change to reduce the costs of things OR increase quantities but PG won’t do it; probably because they want us to spend. But, without actual value in the packs, we will always be at a deadlock until we, the player base, decides to quit; or, until they give in and change.


It would be nice if the number of different currencies gets reduced lol. Like electrum, ice, ember and fire shards become 1 currency.

I get it every season and if there are 2 available I get both every season. In fact the tower line is always my 3rd line towards my mythic. I do prioritize Gold > Timers > Electrum though. IMO the tower line is too valuable to ever pass up. The other lines in general are just meh with the exception being maybe the spell rider.
Though they devalued the oculus line last season so Im very worried about what they’re going to do to the formerly archmage line this season.
I never do the oreo line though

Im still usually low on electrums. 2 forts ago was the one time I actually had a healthy stockpile and I burnt through those building 2 new oreos


I have tons of embers and NEVER enough bars! We need more bar choices, so many towers use them now!
I always do the electrum line and rarely take timers but not always the ory one….I don’t need any more charges.

Build some merging flaks then since embers are valued a bit higher than electrums.
But yes, we need more of both

If you get the oculus you can trade the charges for electrums in the trading post.

Sorry, I didn’t explain well. Agreed-- I complete the two discounts and then I get my remaining keys from the electrum line before saving for the festive/draconics.

So, I don’t typically finish the line; I only get what I can to finish my keys. And, I agree with your prioritization insofar as: Golds, timers, electrums.

Part of that is on me (as Rhea mentioned) because I refuse to spend in a season. If there was value, I’d consider it to allow me a stockpile of rss. But, spending for an insufficient amount of rss is something I simply will not do.

And, part of that is probably on us for electing to choose golds and timers over electrums but even if we did change and choose electrums, then our argument becomes valid for desperately needing timers. :crazy_face:

I do that, of course, but end game and 7 towers that take bars even that is difficult. Especially going up 3 lvls.
The amount of bars we got in trading post was a joke.

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Oh I agree, imo nothing in this game is worth spending on beyond elite and even that is a bit iffy. Only thing I will ever spend is saved rubies for single chests and that’s it. Spending gets you so damn little in this game that I just dont get why anyone does it.

Oh I know, I had to level 7 of them myself this event and had to build 12 merging turrets last fort because I was so low on electrums and they’re releasing all the tower lines way too late this season. These double premium currency levels are painful.

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I agree, if the bar line had been released with this fort I would have been fine. I have sigils for it now. :woman_shrugging:

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