No epic from bronze

so as far as I remember back we got an epic drop every 100 opened bronze chests. I just opened 200 and there was no epic drop. what happened? @Arelyna

Are you sure? The light purple highlight of the epics is very hard to distinguish for me sometimes among the common drops.

Your luck sucks, that’s what happened. Epic drops arent guaranteed. No real need to tag a staff member for something like that.


I distinctly remember that they were. and if I want a clarifying answer then yes, I do have to tag staff. they don’t reply anyway, but at least I can try

Drop sequence for bronze.
The more likely problem is you just weren’t paying attention to one of your opens and missed it.
It’s ok, we’re human these things happen.


ok thx for the sequence. I’ll have to take an even closer look next time then

No they’re right. Exactly 1/100 bronze chests should give them an epic drop. There is no luck.


You’re probably in the wrong part of the sequence

That’s a nice one! :grin:

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