No freedom of speech here

Posts and accounts are being blocked from expressing opinions. What’s the deal? Are you guys that scared of someone talking about what’s the meaning of fair play for you vs. fair play for the rest of everyone else?

What type of posts and opinions are you referencing?

:rofl: PG is a company, not the U.S. government. I was wondering when someone would post about freedom of speech.

Trying to incite people to sue PG, advertise cheats, be a nasty person, etc are all bad ideas.


I made a post on a different account that was blocked from the forum. I said that PG’s definition of fair game play was to spend real money and buying the packs from them. But if you cheated, then it’s not fair. Because cheating somehow doesn’t require spending real money and send it into PG’s bank then its not ok. Ironic huh. Permanent ban for exploiting a game that has security issues with the size of the sun.

Ohhhhh so let me get this straight. You’re saying cheating is okay and the people that cheated shouldn’t have been banned?

:rofl::rofl::rofl: REALLY?!?!

So, yeah. There’s no such thing as Freedom of Speech on a privately owned forum. That said, we try to allow for a wide range of opinions and ideas. If your opinion is that you should be able to violate our ToS to hurt PG and other players, that’s not gonna fly. Find a different forum.

I’ll go ahead and ban your current forum account as well just to head this one off at the pass.