No glory during castle attacks

It should be programmed that there is no more glory in castle attacks. Glory is said to exist only in the red zone. A castle should only be conquered, but not a glory farm. Then just increase the glory in the red zone. So everyone would be helped. So as a suggestion in the round.


Castle conquers remain one of the hardest challenges in atlas. There is no way a team will commit the level of troops needed for conquer if there was no glory in it.
Its a war game. We fight each other. Dead troops = glory.


This dude’s a lowbie in a team of 3 access castles.

So I get the reason of this post, but tbh if the op and his team can’t bear defending those access castles, then i think they should just give those up as there probably are so many castleless teams that’d eager to get even an access. :man_shrugging:t2:

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But I do understand the game is divided into the ‘haves’ (have safe castles) the ‘have+’ (have ONLY safe castles) and the ‘have nots’ (only have access castles.)

Life is harder with only access castles for sure. For those in that situation, the best defence is a good offence. Get good at countersniping and hitting back, get the defending team players to park sensibly so as to not attract unwanted snackers. Get the team building troops to work on new conquers.

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If it’s a bigger team attacking you, they get no glory anyway.

If it’s a smaller team, you should be able to defend yourself.

I agree that there are a bunch of underlying issues in Atlas; I disagree that further disincentivising activity on castles by nixing castle glory is the fix. Though if you gate for a bigger team, I’m sorry, that meta is shit.

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Amen. :grin:

not a good idea imo
no one will want to lose any troops if it dont give u glory