No glory from attacking or being attacked

I’m not getting any glory when I attack other prims and I’m not getting any when I get attacked either. Troops are also not going down after attacks.

Have ticket in (#1315614) but I wanted to check the forums to see if anyone else having this issue since updating?

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I think Atlas attacks are failing to register entirely. No gold, no check marks on poachers, …

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Been having the same issue since PvP came back up after Atlas maintenance. Have attacked 2x myself with no glory gain or troop loss. Seems like a glitch after update, haven’t submitted ticket. But have been defending other attacks which are getting points, kind of frustrating.

I got the gold and check marks from invader but game did glitch out twice on a teammate following me. Love it when it screws up my XP runs.

UPDATE: I went back in game, and my destroyer that I had in Aligane was destroyed and I received glory. I however did not receive glory for the attacks I made to get glory for my rider.

Attacked a few times with my seiger and got no glory as of yet. :man_shrugging:t3::man_facepalming:t3:

I haven’t been receiving glory since 8/29. WD Support just says this is a known issue and “…at this time, we do not have a specific time frame for a resolution to offer but rest assured that once we receive an update regarding this matter, we’ll immediately notify the community.” Meanwhile the Atlas Summerflare Season is ticking away and I can’t earn badges towards the seasonal prizes. There is no update as to when a resolution will be implemented or how they will compensate the community for days and days of negatively impacted game play. I should have completed my offensive gear line by now and been well on my way through Swann’s line, instead I’m left wondering if and when I’ll be able to even complete one. @PGJared @PGDave @pgEcho can anyone weigh in? Ticket 1337941

I’ve seen that you are earning glory from attacks yesterday. Week’s ago we did have an issue where some player’s attacks were delayed in processing and others didn’t register. These issues have been resolved and everything appears to be working fine as of now.

Some locations have longer delays on receiving glory if many players a present… (ie: Aligane) but we are working to improve that.

@pgEcho I received glory from 3 attacks yesterday out of about 10 attacks I did in a row with my teammates in some castle raids. I was back to receiving no glory after we completed the raids and still no clue why. I have made attempts daily for glory and I get nothing. I lose no troops, I kill no troops - nothing.

@pgEcho Attacked literally just now. Nothing.

@pgecho it’s definitely not fixed. I’ve been unable to gain glory since 8/29. Dozens of attacks spread out over a week. In Aligane, in non busy areas, attack, defense, castle guards, doesn’t matter. Ticket #1336774.

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@pgEcho My account appears to be receiving glory on all attacks in NML after updating to 4.70. This still doesn’t make up for the week of lost progress in Atlas Summerflare seasonal prizes.

At least your problems are fixed. Mine remain after 4.70, 10 days and counting.

@PGEggToken bumping due to no replies. It’s now been 2 weeks, no answers and no fixes. Atlas primarch training event is a big dud because…can’t get glory. Can’t attack or defend PVP Atlas battles makes troops worthless, so no more bothering to buy Atlas Elite until this is fixed.

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