No gold from mines

The title is self explainatory


Have you tried quitting atlas and re-entering it? If that doesn’t work, have you tried force closing the game and re-opening it? That tends to fix it for me.

Only about 5 times :man_shrugging:

Yea, gold and runs are not registering from mine or poacher attacks.

I’ve done a few and it keeps telling me I have a x30 multiplier

So no gold for me tonight. Yay. They’re trying SO hard to convince me to buy AE again…not.

Even worse that troop training event starts in 10’…

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Isn’t this oddly reminescent the fort rss issue they were having yesterday?


Same for me as well.

No gold for me either. I have closed and cleared cache. Restarted phone, repeated times on all and still no gold or gems from Invader runs. I am not going to hurry out to by an Elite on Atlas again.

@PGCrisis Here is the thread for the gold issue I mentioned on the other thread, along with all the other issues.

I have forwarded these reports to the team. Hoping to hear back and provide some more info here soon!

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My team is saying it’s an extreme lag.

If by extreme, you mean 54+ minutes to get gold from a mine hit, then maybe, but :man_shrugging: That’s some serious lag…

Idk - I have refused to update so I can’t test it myself.

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Well the egg tokens work properly, that was my main concern, so despite the Atlas issues, I’m happy :flushed::crazy_face:

What happens when you say you don’t get gold from mines? Do you get the screen at the end of battle that instead of saying how much gold you get it instead says 0 wood and 0 food? Or do you get the purple spinning wheel? Or does it actually tell you the amount of gold you got and then it’s not there?

Honestly, I dunno what it did. I raided, should have got gold, got none. An hour later, still no gold. Several teammates report the same thing. Brb, gonna try something, see if the Xmas tree star is causing it.

Well if you get one of the former 2 (saying 0 wood 0 food, or purple spinning wheel instead of gold), I literally just wait there til it changes to gold. If I don’t I’m stuck waiting for whenever the game decides to credit it to me, if I do sometimes it’s a few seconds and sometimes a minute or so. Not sure if these are the same issues, though, so take it for what it’s worth.

Found the issue.

Attacked on land we own, has the star, I get 0 wood and 0 food.

Move to NZ, Attack, I get gold.

Oh, and my AE multipliers still go down, whether I get gold, or not. So, about that AE compensation…not to mention the boosts for attacking the mine on your own land…

Tried waiting…it never changed to Gold.

Oh well, good night.