No incentive to level old dragons


With feeding being gone, I feel there really isnt a reason to go back and level those older dragons. It was nice to have a time to do this. Now it is more important to just focus on your strong ones. The others get left behind and become completely pointless.


FTFY :smiley:

Although I’m not sure why this is a bad thing? Surely more food in the food economy for the dragons that actually matter and are useful is a good thing?

I would absolutely love it if all dragons were actually relevant and useful, but sadly that is not the case.


old dragons…not being fed…if you feed these dragons, are you going to use them? Aside from a few in temple raid I highly doubt it.

I ask you, why should there be an incentive to level these old dragons? They are as you said, old and so outdated dragons that are not needed for the current meta of the game :woman_shrugging:


They’re a good reason to spend your food, especially for Atlas team whose bank is always full :roll_eyes:


Temple Raid, not useless level old dragons🤓


So your team has a lot of food. what team are you on? LOL jk


I believe that lots of teams in Plat league have a lot of food in bank (if they have it),
or at least in their storage.

I often get 100k - 400k (average level 200 each raid :joy::joy::joy:


Lots has been talked about in this thread, now to find it.
Here’s a link to Feeding Flying Away thread
From that Flak put “Isn’t leveling a dragon just to breeding, then shelving it against what PG wants us to do? If not, why even have levels above breeding for these crap dragons?”

Why keep linage dragons at all, just unlock higher tiers for divines and save the design team from creating 9 dragons? Maybe players like getting the dragons and flying them :man_shrugging:

Give a reason to linage dragons beyond a dang dragon mill (puppy mill reference), feeding did that. You didn’t just hatch, grow to breed, use it, and forget it. You continued to fly earning XP then leveled to expert in time. They had purpose and were used until they were expert (old dogs).

Let’s stop treating lineage like they just meaningless trash.


With feeding, you added the annoying step of running them through invader a few dozen times. Then you benched them. And most of the time, you saw them for 1s before swapping out.

I don’t see the purpose.


Some of them ARE meaningless trash as you put it. This is because the spell kit simply doesn’t have the synergy to make the dragon useful at an equivalent level of play. Sure I could haul some out and go beat up defenseless weaker bases, but some dragons will never be viable outside of an invader base :woman_shrugging:t2: especially not on a run with defenders.

Other dragons were created before the shift in the base meta of the game (I.E. pre-flak era) and the shift in the defensive meta has rendered these dragons mostly, if not entirely, obsolete when they are flown against bases that are appropriately leveled for whatever tier they happen to be from.



If you don’t, send me your food so i can keep doing it to mine :slight_smile:


I’m still experting mine, well, because if I didn’t I wouldn’t have a full lineup to farm gold and shards or I would have outdated divines instead. Just fed Redrain, Jotun, Prospero (doesn’t really count) and Kaze to expert. Can’t see the XP stored on Tuktu and Methalex since den capped (that’s annoying).

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I thought you coined a new term there for a minute.


I flew my Jorm expertally



So Atlas gives another thing over none, great :disappointed:.


Well, yeah, but you knew that already.

I hear you but not sure what the solution is.

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One thing that’s stopping me from doing so is the step before, #hatchallyourdragons is simply too expensive on the timer front, so Zaru and Slax and Xerbos and whatever is in all those other eggs are going to have to wait until I’ve passed endgame before they get a shot. Would be nice if the hatching time for dragons 2-3 tiers behind your incubator could be reduced to just a day or so.


Zaru the monkey God dragon? He’s so cute though… Hakuna matata (sp?)


Haha yeah I hear, that’s why I think it’s a pity they’re locked behind timers even way after they become irrelevant. I’d like to see all the funny dragons I missed, might even backbreed a bunch if hatching them wasn’t so expensive.


My lineage dragons are just big speed bumps. Already said so in more than one thread.

What lineage dragon do you think can compete with Pathox and his gear? I have Surt with all legendary gear. I’m getting Ronin in a week.

I have Rajin at 550K AP. Opes, Estril, and dear lord the hunk of junk Morthril. All terrible. All bad. None worth leveling past breeding (except for temple). Complete waste of time and effort.


I am suddenly blanking in which member of @Tinsir’s most glorious collective absolutely loves Morthril since he is a fabulous yak…

But I agree, leveling up Morthril to breedable was very painful :grimacing: