No inner fires in store chests


@PGJared @PGCrisis are inner fires being added to the store chests ? Normally I grind and get some that way but currently getting zero from the gold and bronze chests

I got maybe 5 from about 60 bronze chests?

Its crap. I think Inner Fire/Energy Packs need to be a bit more plentiful in Bronze chest drops. ‘Treasure Hunt’… doesn’t really help much…

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Like I said, I have had zero from my bronze and gold chests, obviously drop rates are different for all but normally I would have had a few by now from the same amount of chests any other PvP

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Probably have a big red button that edits the priz3 lmmfao

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Ive opened about 160 bronze chests and gotten 1 energy pack and 8 IFs

Chest drops have been terrible all season

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