No issues with spending money

cam someone answer me how thee never a glitch when it comes to buying Rubies or Diamonds but the players seem to have many with their in game?

Not really sure what you are trying to imply. PG is glitching the game on purpose?

never a glitch when it comes to PG getting paid
always glitches with the product

I mean, the payment system doesn’t really get touch that often is probably fairly simple to debug compared to the content they put out.

I’m not one for defending PG, but this argument makes no sense.

Isn’t a lot of the transaction handled by Apple/Google though? And I have on more than one occasion seen people complaining of an inability to purchase packs

Pretty sure payments is an Apple Google API and all the game does is put the front end on.

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just translating :slight_smile:

I was only putting it out as food for thought My sister writes code and is a network programmer for a major corporation What she said about the constant “glitches for the players” and not for the important things (the collection of money from the players ) made her question what the devs are actually doing
I am just an oil field carpenter So I dont have the expertise to speculate without consulting people more knowledgable than I am But never did I say that PG was doing it on purpose The payment portal is still a part of the Application and when they write code to add content there is always bugs For everything but the sales Never once has that feature been FUBAR So while I wont accuse (No proof) I will question and compare notes
If you want to comment feel free Please offer actual info vs “trying to twist what is said”

I was actually asking what you were trying to imply, hence the question mark.

If it never gets touch, there is no reason for it to break tho. The payment feature is actually very simple compared to anything else (your sister should know). You can watch a 5/10 minute video on how to add google payment to an app.

Having that said, this game defiantly has way more bugs than it needs, PG keeps pushing out unfinished products and leaving them in the game as if they were completely fine. The new armory is a perfect example, at best is a half finish product, yet PG pushed it out without proper testing and has done nothing to fix it.

I think you just gotta lower your standards when it comes to PG.

I’ve had several times now where I tried to get my atlas elite and the apple store just kept crashing out. Had to buy it on my android phone in the end because the ipad just wouldn’t accept my payment. So yes, it happens with the store too just like everything else. You can stash your tinfoil hat again.



You had me at tinfoil hat :joy:

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All seriousness, whenever pg make new content an release it to us there is always some kind of bug/glitch but they do try to fix it as soon as possible so everyone can have a good experience. An Pg don’t only care about the big spenders either they care about the whole player base as a whole.

I’m a spender an I to experience some bugs here and there not as bad as other but I still get them time to time. So everyone that are saying they only care about the spenders that is a lie. Pg did make the top three teams a custom portrait but to me I look at it as a thank you for them supporting(spending) on the game so pg can continue making new content and new seasons dragons.

Everyone got to understand pg need to make money to keep war dragons alive, without the spenders supporting the game war dragons would’ve died long time ago. Just to let everyone know pg isn’t forcing anyone to spend on this game, people(like myself) spend to enjoy the game and to make progress quicker.

At the end of the day this is more then a game for most of us, we come back for the people then the actual game(I know that’s hard to believe but it’s true) and to escape our life drama whatever size it is form big or small.

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I post sometimes generally when I want to provoke a thought or two Tin foil hat? Really Its tools like you that make me not want to waste the time to even try Did your mom have any kids that actually had cognitive thought? I mean really If you want to be offensive find some that you can offend For me I just wonder if its worth wasting my time lol

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