No KOTH attacks have registered

One of my teammates has used energy packs and siege boosts and done many attacks in event. He still shows 0 points for events and has gotten no rewards. He’s sent many mails to support with no resolution. So I’m posting this here for him. Has anyone else had the same issue?

Did he join your team mid way through the event from another team?

No he has been on the team for over a year now

That really sucks. I’d tag a PG employee to get them involved. @PGJared

It does, thank you

If this is who I think it is; it’s still being investigated by the team.

That’s great. He’s done everything support has asked and jumped through every hoop. He’s frustrated to the point of wanting to quit. Since I’d prefer not to lose a good teammate and friend I came here to see if anyone else was having the same issue and had it fixed. :confused:

Is it still being investigated? We are into a new event now and his mails to support are no longer being answered. Will he be compensated for the wasted event items or the missed rewards he didn’t receive for the event he tried to do?

I don’t know about how exactly things work now with the new support, but with the old one once events/season ended I also stopped getting replies from helpdesk. Not that they could do anything for me anymore…

I don’t believe the issue has been resolved and now the person in question is about to take his account to an xp team. I understand that you may still be investigating, but, any sort of communication would be appreciated!
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