No loot with mega coins!?

In previous events I received 25-30 chests from mega coin attacks. Why am I no longer getting that?


I find sometimes it won’t show on the result screen but the chests will be in armoury anyway.

Nope, nothing. I checked.

That sucks I would definitely put in a ticket about that

You get a chance to get a chest from any given event run (whatever % chance that may be, maybe 60%?) and instead of the coding doing 30 instances of calculating a 60% change of getting a chest which would give you on average 18 chests or so, they do the 60% chance of getting ONE SINGLE CHEST and then multiply that by 30.

Or that is the way it seems to me at least.

That sounds like a really unfortunate equation lol

Could you submit a ticket please? I’d like someone on the team to investigate the battle log for you but I unfortunately won’t have time today (I have a bunch of tickets I’m already behind on and I need to do some reporting).

Basically what mechenng said. Kinda crappy, and doesn’t make much sense since I’ve gotten mixtures of bronze and silver in the past.

That sucks man, chests are dropping for me:

Ask them to review the attack log to see if any dropped but didn’t show up. I know you said you checked, but having official confirmation isn’t a bad thing.

Nice drop​:point_up_2::+1:

Not having issues with regular attacks, just the mega coin. I’ll run another here shortly to see what happens.

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