No more atlas for newer teams?



I heard new teams that reached rank platIV will not get atlas. Is this true? If so, why?


Gotta make it to sapphire. Platinum teams, especially lower platinum, are finding it very difficult. But they are adding xp bases and they’ve already added the ability to craft gear. My suggestion would be to use the new resources and climb the ranks so you will be prepared when you get to sapphire. Good Luck!


Atlas Rollout

Moving forward, all teams in Sapphire League or above will be eligible to be added to Atlas; however, eligible teams will have to confirm that they want to receive access through communications with Pocket Gems. Any teams outside of Sapphire, regardless of League, that currently have Atlas access will maintain their access to Atlas.

Rollouts will occur prior to the beginning of every Atlas Season, and a Spring Season rollout will occur in the next few weeks for all eligible Sapphire teams. After some time, we will reevaluate whether additional teams need/want to be added to Atlas.

If you are part of a Sapphire League (or above) team that wants to request access to Atlas, we will be reaching out to your team leaders regarding your team gaining access. We are also evaluating ways to automate the process and provide an easy option for eligible teams to request access.


Unfortunately, there are only 2 major Platinum rollout (the first one with Atlas expansion).

For now, PG has said that only Sapphire+ team is guaranteed Atlas during the start of Atlas season.

Still, I’m curious on how a fresh new untainted team can manage staying in Sapphire for several weeks (or reaching sapphire at least) without any help of (ex) Atlas Players at all.

If only PG staff can enlighten us…


They can’t and that is the point. Setting the bar that high means no extra work for PG.


I can see big teams try to get their smaller alt teams into atlas via this mechanic - previously it was luck and timing so no one was going to bother. Now, they can pretty much guarantee it, so sending a few bigs to an existing gold/plat team and fighting up to sapphire 3 isn’t going to be that hard IMO.

Expect to see more minion teams come into Atlas shortly. That’s my prediction.


You assume everyone on the beefed up plat team attacks in war. Something far from guaranteed for many of them, and no one leaves mid war, and they have alts to plug roster holes quickly. Its rough out there in P land.


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