No more elite with rubies

They have taken away the Elite Account buying with rubies for the grandfathered in accounts now. Guess I have a limited amount of days I’ll be playing the game now.

They have took mine away also once it’s gone so will I, being a long time player means nothing now

HAha i just opened this topic too lol

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:grin: :sunglasses:

We should consolidate to one of the three that are open.

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Yet another shining example of PG pushing changes unannounced that affect how you can or cannot spend your time, resources, and money.

Maybe they were getting close to the end of the month and realized they hadn’t hit their Pissed Off Players quota?


Yes mine are gone too, they should have announced this change as a courtesy to all their long standing players so they could make a final extension on their elite.

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Before we fire up our torches, thIs has been inadvertently removed in the past. Let’s wait and see if this was even intended before hitting 10 on the outrage meter.

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Then they better get an employee to respond because the torches are burning bright already.

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Mine are still very much there. I’ve hard closed app just to be sure.

My outrage meter is in base-8…

My ruby elite capabilities are gone as well. If they aren’t restored, I’ll be finding a new game to spend money on…

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No intentional changes to this were made, looking into it now.


Egg tokens have halved too from 40+40 to 20+20 for lowest example but all 3 missions are same!

Can you look into the lost egg token bonus too please?

Thank you for responding and looking into the matter.

Thank you for looking into this, I do hope you are right about this not being intentional and so it can be fixed :blush:

Did a restart and my account is back to normal now.

Yes just restarted my phone and it is back to normal now, false alarm :joy: put the torches away

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There’s an option to buy an Elite Account using Rubies? Where is that option?