No more first page Rider discount? (BIG mistake?)


So, from looking at the stream notes, it looks like PG is keeping the discount dragon but is doing away with the discount on the first page of the rider…?

I guess I understand the rationale because this would effectively lower the cost of a mythic even further. That’s the harm they’re worried about; I get that. However, this actually seems like a pretty big mistake to me, because discounting the first page actually isn’t THAT much of a decrease in the price of the total branch; since the first page is the cheap page anyway, and the second page is way more expensive, what’s the overall decrease of the total branch? maybe 10% or 15%? On the other hand, discounting the first page of the rider lets people who aren’t going to be super active and grind the hell out of the game, still get a rider (I hope all the rider shards are still on the first page…)

Let me also, however, give PG credit for what they are doing RIGHT… putting a ton of crafting shards on the second page, instead of useless rider gear, was a great move. Well done on that.


Half price first page is going to be a 10.5% discount.

That being said, the rider shards are NOT on the first page, since there are shards given for gear they have mixed the two. They want people to get the full branches, not just spend 10% of the branch cost to obtain them


idk… they couldve incentify the back of the branch instead. xD so people can choose to go further for better-than-the-past rewards or not.


Yay for my napkin math getting the right range. Thanks for the more precise confirmation @mechengg . I guess I can see why they would mix the rider shards and crafting shards up. Makes sense to me.

Nonetheless it still seems like a colossal oversight not to have a discount rider. The discount rider in week 3 would let you have get progress in one of the discount branches with one minor event and one pvp, and the other discount branches with the other minor event and a pvp. So, even if you don’t have the time/patience/cash to mess around with pvp, you could still make plenty of progress in discount prizes with the two minor events.

So, to get specific, this time around the season will start with breeding followed by pvp (or feeding) for week 1-2, then fort followed by pvp (or feeding) for week 3-4. So, what about the semi casual player who doesn’t have that many egg tokens but has a ton of timers and was planning to get their sigils in week 3 fortification event. Just, too bad maybe you should spend more…?

The two discount periods always seemed intentionally inclusive to me and I thought it was smart to do it that way. Scrapping those is the wrong direction.

Not to mention, what is PG worried about, a 10.5% decrease in one branch’s cost to get the mythic? So, 3.15k sigils less, out of 90k total?? I mean, come ON


To be fair, as far as I can remember (and I could be mistaken), the discount rider has never counted towards one of the mythics. It’s always been it’s own separate branch.


Correct. The discount rider has never gone towards a mythic, it’s always been separate.

That said it’s typically lower sigil cost than a legendary dragon branch also.


No doubt that what you have stated is the reasoning here. Hasn’t counted toward the mythic before.

Just, cutting out an inclusive, casual-friendly policy like the rider discount because you’re worried about decreasing the price of the mythic from 75k to 72k for people going HAM… doesn’t seem like the right decision to me


I have to say that when they moved the rider structure to having the shards and gear intermingled after the Spring 18 season, (I think - although Grogg was actually on the intermingled model as well), I was one of the loudest objections. But that was when the rider lines were giving crap gear. Now the rider lines give crafting shards, and everyone can craft their own gear specific to their needs. I fully support the rider line’s structure as it is this season.


I hate it I have atlas elite I don’t need the elemental shards and no more discount rider so will be taking it easy this season if they keep the same layout next season I am pretty sure I am done with the game at that point.


Given that it costs more to finish these riders, it would be nice if they gave us enough skill points to finish all of the atk and hp skills

If you have atlas and have so many crafting shards that you dont need them then do you even need another rider what with the 6 atlas riders?


Honestly no lol didn’t even plan on getting a rider this season due to the differences in the lines I am skipping this season but extra riders for non roster dragons to complete quests is always nice.


While I’m a fan of acquiring max riders for a weeks worth of work, eliminating the trash gear and adding a fairly sizeable amount of shards, as well as other goodies, instead definitely makes this easier to swallow. I’m actually getting something useful out of it. A lot of these season changes are like that, actually. Would like to thank the GPF for working with PG on this, as I think this is the most excited I’ve been about a season and appreciate the break from typical season monotony.


Well, the lower level people will have to use most of their sigils on the rider if they want one. Sure you could get a lot of gear, but what point would gear have if you don’t have a rider? I support the fact that PG changed the gear to crafting shards or whatever they’re called, but if the rider shards were all on the first page, more people could get the rider, and then if they don’t have Atlas, benefit a lot more than before from the second page.


The gear benefit to non atlas players with the changes is more significant than the rider. Even if you only get part of the rider the overall buff potential is much greater.


I see your point about the rider shards and crafting shards being intermingled is better, and I halfway agree with you… certainly it’s much more palatable to intermingle when there are crafting shards on offer rather than crappy gear. But in any event, that is not exclusive with having a discount, right?

They did discount the first page of Portia in Fall 18 despite the rider shards and crappy gear being intermingled for her and Lorenzo that season.


I suppose if someone playing the game this season doesn’t have any rider, and somehow it would make more sense for that person to get only the rider and no gear for some reason, and there is absolutely no way for them to get more than one line, and the completion of that one line is in question, then yeah, this is an issue.

Sort of.

For one thing, a person in that situation would almost have to be a new (very new?) player, and if that is the case, they’re still trying to figure out how to play the game. This would be their first season, or maybe their first full season. Getting a rider at that point in the game is not going to define their experience. Is it a good idea? Sure. Is it mandatory? No.

This hypothetical person would likely be in a lower-level league, in a lower breeding tier, and getting lower seasonal rewards from event performance (both team and individual). In this situation, I would advise either A) picking a seasonal dragon and getting that as far as possible, because it will be used for a good while, or B) just committing to a rider and knowing that they’re not going to get a dragon this season, and plan for next season. If they choose option B, I’d suggest they hold off on crafting the armor until they have a seasonal dragon (and thereby an element); gearing a rider is a serious commitment, and gearing a lineage dragon prior to maybe Destar just doesn’t seem like a wise use of resources.

But getting back to the original point - yes, lower-level people have to make a choice. But that’s kind of the game we’re playing; you have to make choices. Get the rider this season, or next season? Should I push for a mythic or not? To Breed or Not To Breed…that is the question.

I guess what I’m saying is, yeah, you’re right that it’s harder for a small player to finish the rider line and get full use out of it. But the counter point is that isn’t necessarily a terrible thing.


True, but then that rider did not count towards a mythic either. And overall they’ve still lowered the total cost. In Fall 2018 you’d pay 205.5k sigils to get all riders and dragons, if fully using every discount. In Spring 2019, it’s 196k sigils to get all dragons and riders (again with full discount). So yes the rider discount was dropped, but I prefer this new discount on everything we get regardless of when we spend our sigils.


That is because the mythic dragons cost 0. For those who take all dragons, it may be batter! On the other hand, for those who take no mythic dragon, it is hard to say…


Well a single legendary dragon also got a touch cheaper (despite them adding a new tier). Only riders got more expensive, but they also got a lot more value in their line. And the age of practically free riders wasn’t going to last forever anyway…


They lowered the cost of the legendary dragon branches by 1k per branch. They have actually INCREASED the costs of riders.