No more first page Rider discount? (BIG mistake?)


And given you more gold chests.
And given you more timers.
And given you shards rather than garbage gear.

It’s honestly a balancing act here. You can’t please absolutely everyone it seems


Did you try and read the number things that followed right after the line you quoted? They’re terribly useful for determining if something has been lowered or not.


Well, as a p2w, the sigil inflation isn’t really much of a problem unless it suddenly spikes too much compared to what’s happened in the past.

So this definitely will benefit me. :sunglasses:

But I still understand some of the f2p’s wanting the sigil cost drop -or remain as it used to- for a rider, if they’re going after just the rider, as acquiring sigils itself will be problematic as not all of f2p will tend to be dedicated all that much. :man_shrugging:t2:

So yeah. No patch will be enough to please everyone. :man_facepalming:t2:

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I’m a fully e2p player, and I’m actually very happy with the changes. Sure, a near-free rider every now and then was nice, but because they were so cheap there wasn’t really room to make them good either. This season’s first rider already looks a lot more interesting than the old 3k/6k ones. And while I can’t go for a mythic every season as e2p, it’s very nice that I have a free choice of paths to take for the seasons where I do go for one.

This, I fear, is pretty much a universal truth.


Oh, I agree that for people going for one or both mythics, this is a GREAT deal. Overall price is lower. More goodies overall, and more of the goodies are useful.

But nonetheless I think it is a mistake to abandon the first-page discount. It was an inclusive thing to have 4 weeks of discounts. Now, if you miss the first 2-week discount (or don’t have enough egg tokens or timers or food or whatever), then hey - too bad so sad. Which admittedly wouldn’t be the first time the game has had a “too bad if you missed it” thing; just think it’s a step in the wrong direction.

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No doubt. On balance, this is an improvement, even with the shards intermixed. Put me on record saying that for sure.

Was the elimination of the first page rider discount REALLY necessary to achieve that goal? Because… we’re worried about decreasing the cost of the mythic from 75k to 72k??


Like said, I do understand the reasoning behind some of the f2p wanting the first-page-discounted riders; what we had in the past.

Just pointing out that for p2w, this is balancing is beneficial, and the same applies even for some dedicated f2p… but it ain’t for everyone as we can’t expect everyone to have enough knacks and know-hows to spend as little time as you need to get what you want or expect them to have said amount of little time for games. :disappointed:

I, too, tend to spend more than usual to get what I want if I’m on a busy season with work. :man_shrugging:t2:

This just tends to be more benefiting towards people who either spend :ruby::diamond: or :timerbronze::timersilver::timergold:, which is understandable as no matter how much money-grabbing we think PG is, PG is a company that should be planning towards profit.:expressionless:

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But of course! There’s no gain profit without investment (or whatever it would translate in English)


I can’t really think of anything right outa my head other than no pain no gain… but that’s not really the one I’m looking for.



“Definitely not necessary” is what I think, but well… I don’t make the rules. :unamused:

If I were a f2p, I’d be pissed too.

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I can definitely say that PG made some sacrifices on their side when planning this season. You can see exactly what they decided to compromise on and what they decided to stand firm on, and as a whole this season has a better feeling than previous seasons.

Sometimes you need to focus on the war, and not the battle. If you get too caught up in the small things with blinders on it’s easy to lose focus of the true wins that this season has to offer.


Not that I disagree with the statement, it would be very hard for ants to think further than the tree that they’re looking at… as to them, ants, the whole forest may just not matter.

Or shrimps, correspondingly naming them as we call extreme p2w whales.

…or planktons.


Going to try this season out but the loss of certain things for the small gain of others doesn’t seem justified to me but if I don’t like it and next season is the same no 1 is forcing me to keep playing.


You really are like a broken record, repeating yourself about your potential leave. No one cares.
(or should I say: We don’t carrot all?)

I do like the new structure, it’s something new, and it promises some excitement for the whole season. That we can’t have another cheap rider - well, how many riders do we actually need if we have no dragons to put them on?

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Even if you have dragons, 3 offensive riders -as it’s not like we can use 7 dragons per single attack- and 3 defensive riders -as we only have 3 perches- are all that matters. xD

But well asked.

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I don’t doubt that for an instant. Credit to PG for being real about the unsustainable branch price increases, trash rider gear, useless fire turret shards, etc. and taking action on it. On the whole this is a step in the right direction.

I also agree with this. Again, steps in the right direction.

“Small things” to you and me, maybe. We obviously care enough to make forum posts on it. I don’t know if the entire playerbase would consider it a “small thing”.

2 steps forward, 1 step back, IMO.

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A hurdle small enough for p2w to just walk over, but high enough for f2w to fall over.

What can we say. :man_shrugging:t2:


Honestly, I like it that way.
I would have never spent sigils for a Rider, when it doesn’t count for the Mythic. Now I can get myself a Rider and don’t have to worry about spending too many sigils and not reaching my end-of-season goal.
I mean, you don’t REALLY need 3 Divines per Season anyway… How many of them just wait in your Den, never to be played again?

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Well, mostly I like the change… at least if I’m thinking only for myself.

But I can’t deny that; so, well asked as my roster usually keeps 3 of either still OP or still strong enough mythics, a dragon for my laziness for gold/shards farming, and ember.

So that makes well damn too many dragons starving in my den.

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