No more temporary deals in event prizes? (Breeding)

I don’t see any temporary pack (those which go away within 30 minutes of claiming them) in any prize and Breeding was the only event with a good option (5000 tokens and 100 sigils for 2.5k rubies). I even had taken it into account in my planning with the Sigils counting double and the tokens towards my progression!

I’m a little more than upset because it’s a deal I was buying every time because it saved so much time grinding these tokens. Why was it taken away? :sob:

You increased the cost of one line by 4500 sigils and remove the small little perks that actually helped to progress, not fun PG! :disappointed:

I don’t remember seeing them in last pvp either…

Any information please @PGwizard @PGSurtr ?


But we got “bonus” prize lines including a whopping 25 sigils!! You should be grateful!!!


It looks like they test something else.

Maybe they decided to give not much out anymore.
The question if its healthy or not, is hard to explain.

Some will be happy , some not, but what it does to the game… is a different question.

@AngryDrache Like every single time we have Breeding… :man_shrugging:

@EmrahT Maybe they decided to heed the rumors that offering too much free stuff drive players away? But they probably are so deep into new stuff or fixes they might have forgotten to add those prizes in the event tables?

That’s why I tagged a few people who might know. They’re just still asleep for a few more hours.

you waste your rubies on those? :man_facepalming:t2:

I wish I knew who actually bought those “special” deals so I could send them the most stupid cat memes ever created on the face of the Earth and ask WHY? WHY did you do it?

But thats just me.


The opposite is honestly the case… What is free really ? There are alot of people who use Elite at the underleagues. Because of the pricedifference they need somehow to keep up.

You know, we came at this point after asking for much more before.
The reduction of the older tiers was often asked, and is now reality… which was necessary, or people would leave before trying to come up. Now for everybody its simple, that day it wasnt for all.

At older times final dragon wasnt archiveable without spending alot, now the effort of people is valued aswell… Here the reason behind is similar… If you make it too hard, or only the uppest part happy… Many lower ones wouldnt be for longer time…

I can at least understand that there are people in this business who order to do that or that… To make a huge gain… Sometimes it will be a lesson after its not working.
Because we was before at that point of… where people hadnt to get the highest prizes,… and was fine with lower legendarys, as long as they could play in some cases.

To be honest… some of the temporary prizes was even crap… only a few as this in breeding was nice to have.
If PG want to make there better spender happier… for the moment… i am fine with that. But they shouldnt wonder of the outcome later after seasons.

I mean honestly… you can get 3 keys easy from riders, and get a mythic maybe 5k sigils lower… but then you loose ton of stuff, which throw you make for month…
Maybe its better for us, just to sit and watch… and beside that, do what we would like.

The free 500 sigils at start of season was pretty nice, though. But yes I believe they stopped the temporary “special” offers last event. Perhaps because people weren’t taking them - they were pretty awful, on the whole.


Wasted is not right in my case. I used rubies to buy these only during the first two weeks when they were worth it (175 sigils counting double, 5k tokens during every Breeding) because they were genuinely good if you were a token grinder speeding up token missions correctly.
I never bought crappy embers/shard/rune/energy pack deals… Those were awful!!!

The small difference between grinding and buying these tokens would account for the time saved, and you get 100 sigils as bonus!

@Hwrd is this a good reason why? :pleading_face:

I really miss this token deal this week… :pensive:


burning rubies on gold chests during the first pvp event has been the only way for me. -except when feeding and fortification were the first two events… then i had to burn them during fort. :man_facepalming:t2:

still think that’d be the best way, resources-ruby efficiency-wise. :thinking:

I don’t think the OP was saying it was the most efficient option, but it WAS an option. Hey if you got rubies to burn why not? Especially during discount weeks.

I think part of the point is, now they’ve increased costs AND taken away options to get more sigils to compensate. It’s pretty clear where PG is going with this…

I’m only talking about tokens, since that was the only good deal I knew.

Farming 5000 tokens with elite and the 100% token boost/breeding event boost costs around 1900 rubies speeding up Harbinger missions at the best rate possible (47 - 94 - 188 rubies for the 1h - 4h - 20h missions). 5000 rubies can be obtained by flying:

  • 40x 1h missions
  • 20x 4h missions
  • 10x 20h missions

Or likely a mix of these. That’s likely going to take you 30 to 120 minutes to fly these (likely over the course of 4-5 days too!), much less if you use Ember for missions, but you still need to fly them…

The 5k tokens deal was charging you 600 rubies to save time for something more important than grinding boring bases for a good while, and you also got 100 sigils that I’m not deducting from these 600 rubies…

If my (simplified) maths are correct, you did not lose much rubies on that deal, especially if you didn’t go for the egg boost at all or didn’t purchase elite!


while i do agree with that, i still don’t think he should be taking losses…

like he said,

he may haven’t been losing much, a loss is still a loss imo. :zipper_mouth_face:

but yes,

you have a fair point there if you already have saved up rubies and gold chests.

1800-2400 rubies you spent to save a few hours of grinding (included in the 10k rubies that got you 20k tokens) is hardly going to ruin your season, especially if you plan it well…
Which everyone should do (planning), especially with the cost increase…

But I don’t mean to discuss if the deal was worth it or not…
I want to know if it was an error that the deals disappeared, or why they removed it if it was intentional. I’d consider it a win if they just acknowledged something was amiss :laughing:

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Right right. Either way, “It was an oversight, they will be back.” Or “We are looking a better value deals” or even “They are gone for now.” Being kept in the dark is not a win for anyone.


Without a cat pic, your comment is invalid. Please resolve this issue ASAP! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Edit: comment validated :laughing:

:joy: Still waiting on mine :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and suppose Hwrd is very busy…
Unless our expectations are too high for this matter too (among other things unrelated to cat pics)… :pensive:

Only one of these I ever bought was the 500 sigils for 2500 rubies one. The rest are just a joke. Last time I even remember seeing that one was last summer I think

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