No New Lineage Dragons

I was hoping for some sort of reasoning for this? If this was pushing back a whole tier for “balance” I get it. But literally the tier is already out, so all I see is a squeeze on food and xp later. Maybe I’m missing something but overall really disappointing. Shit is getting old.


In that sense i agree. Too much XP to expert harbingers. Starting early would enable us to expert them maybe by next tier is out

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What do you mean? You want more den bred dragon?

No, every tier has its timeframe. Harbinger’s timeframe is passing day by day. Squeeze in my understanding would mean that we have less time to train them, feed them, get them to breedable and also using them. Forcing us to use food packs and grind more intensively for rest of unreleased harbingers to get more out of it.

Hence the usual less useful time for the second part of tiers. You just wont have a long time to use them before next tier is out.


It is very disappointing to see no new dragons or research and say what you want about spenders but without us the people who play for free won’t have a game for long. Give us something please PG at the very least research to do otherwise the spenders will be so far behind with sigils this event. Plus with 65 towers right around the corner we need something able to take a defended base.


You finished all research? :flushed:

One idea… you can breed harbinger eggs now as you will be to take towers to 65 ;p

Wow. Ya’ll are intense. :flushed:

Yeah all but heat shield and nocturnal fisure and really who needs those I may do them just to help my team score but really with 65 towers coming soon why not release something useful for research make Nep a beast again extra ammo hp something even defensive boosts would be something worthwhile.

It’s more the concept. Why push it back for no reason? Other than forcing expenditure.

When did Neptus stop being “a beast”?

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damn wish I had this issue as well


As far as I can tell, this isn’t for a future money grab, it’s for a right now money grab. Literally the worst opening weeks of a season ever.

Let’s see. Half price dragon. How to mitigate the value there. Let’s start with a feeding event. Stop right there. It’s not a feeding event it’s a buy rubies to train dragons event. Not many players or teams have 40-50M food per player to score in the event so let’s call it what it is. So you buy packs and spend the rubies not on chests where you can get sigils but instead you have to pay out the nose to transfer already earned xp to another dragon. Every other event you buy packs then use the rubies for stuff in chests that gets you sigils along the way. This is the worst event ever(well if you exclude the mega coin) and while I can tolerate one a season it should NEVER be during a limited time discounted season prize.
Then we move on to breeding, which is fine, but you have pushed people to accelerate their pace of obtaining things and once many don’t have shit to breed or research, you put the brakes on? I’m all for slowing the release of items but this breaks the pattern of the last 3-4 tiers where initial release out for 2 breed events then followed by final release on the third. This was just poor planning/execution. Easily could have added to Sapphire research or even put out Garnet research. And again, this is during a discounted season prize, so the only way to get sigils is massive chest expenditure. Discount mitigated. Just when you think nothing PG does can surprise you…you get reminded they have an unlimited supply of BS decisions left up their sleeves.


When 65’s come out he’s just another dead dragon

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Since when does research help get point in breeding?

I’m not sure why all the hate on feeding, I got 1.5m just fine, farming most of the food myself. Also they made it very easy to get the team achievement for 1.2k sigil during feeding which helped a lot of plat teams that usually don’t even have a chance at getting that achievement. On top of that everyone seem to be getting very good drops, I got 1425 sigils from 30 chests which is a fairly good drop rate compared to other events.

When you breed eggs for research …


well whats the highest level person in the game right now? hrv at 600ish? these drags are lvl 300 to 360ish. so with a bit of overlap they can only squeeze out a max of 5 more tiers, maybe 6 or 7 if a new peak level is reached, but thats a those would be tiers going not to the what top 10% like the harbinger, but top 1% and .1% and then top .01%. they’re gonna have to slow down soon otherwise their model becomes unsustainable and too daunting, thus lowering their overall yield because it will discourage progress, in the sense that they’ll be viewed as unobtainable.

I’ll give PG the benefit of the doubt, and argue that at the moment theyre only trying to narrow the gap of high players to suitable dragons for their status. i.e obsidian is 186 to 310 range, lets say the average dread player is level 400 or 450, this would mean that the difference at best is 90 levels(140) or at worst 214 levels(264) difference. Where as harbinger is far closer with a range (using a level 450 metric) of 150 to 90 levels difference to suit their status. with this framework in mind they will have only 2-3 tiers before they exceed the level ability of even the top players in terms of accessibility and viability. But once done, the top players will have a tier suited to their status and position. Against popular belief i dont believe PG is dumb, I think theyre just trying to meet every player devision with its own class of dragons. I do not believe PG will waste their capital on a tier of dragons that will quite literally be entirely wasted as it would not make back the required investment of production. As lucrative as whales are not even they can justify the expenditure of months of capital, labor and investment for a tier that will have maybe 50-100 people buying it(knowing dread will “do whatever it takes to win”), not to mention the added negative publicity of having a whole tier of unicorns inaccessible to daunting new and upcoming players from even attempting any serious effort.

Then push back the whole tier, not half a tier.


ill agree with you there a tier should be released as a whole

That was literally what I said…if you are going to push it back so people can catch up there is the N-1 model (never going to happen) or you can just release the whole tier because trust me, now that you have Harbringers out it doesn’t matter against towers under 55 what half of the tier they are in.

How does delaying the second half impact progression matter in any manner, other than it feels like a squeeze on xp/food and a way to decrease their value and possibly make the season dragons more appealing because that is all there is.

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