No place to go but up? Intentional?

Is it just me or can we only gain team ranking points and not lose them any longer?

I don’t see an official announcement to this? Oversight perhaps?

I’ve seen it as well. Would be nice to get more information, is it gonna be like this for all pvp events now or…?

This was mentioned in the Fight Pit issues thread.

Whether it’s intentional or just one of the many issues, I don’t know, and don’t mind it, either…

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Given how many folks care about team rating, one would think an announcement of any kind at all would be helpful.

Intended, great. Accident, OK, doesn’t seem like a really bad one but what if there is a -6 hiding in there and we simply can’t see it? Bad news.

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Well, keep in mind the top ranks in lower league gains rank, so :man_shrugging:

Oh, guess I missed it. If it doesn’t deserve its own thread, feel free to kill it.

Well, considering the Valentine’s portrait incident at the beginning, everything is possible. Unfortunately.

Some clarification would be nice. @Arelyna, could you please ask the Events & Seasons Team?

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I say remove it from money pits and wallet wars all around :laughing: but aye thats just me!

It’s PG, everything is possible :grin::grin::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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