No Points at Start of Fort

PG and @PGJared ,
I have submitted two tickets, one for each account. At start of event, Event icon was up. I updated towers, went into event window and zero points showing. Opened ticket for each account and other than standard responses from support have heard nothing credible so far from support staff. It’s been 2 days now with no resolution. Was originally told that I upgraded prior to event, but if that is true then why would the event icon show up on the screen. I am not some new player, been playing for over a year now. Please help resolve as I’ve done zero upgrades since then as waiting for this to be resolved first.

Tickets are

Thank you

Armory was up to be fair…not event

That would stink if he jumped the gun, always my fear

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Wouldn’t armory only come up for new event when event is live?

I was on at the start. The armory did become live before the event started

I and I would think majority of the people equate armory to event. As soon as it pops up then the event is live. That is how it has been for the events in the past.

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Stop generalizing.

In the past events typically show up at the same time as the armory simply because you can’t access the armory without the event icon.
There have also been times in the past when the armory was available 100% of the time (as is shown right now) and events would pop in and out.

Armory != Event

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Lots of people did it…

And of course They are not doing anything about it!
Just another botched start of an event by PG. :clap:

Just makes it 100x more stupid to bring in this idea on either Fort/Feeding without any kind of warning.

Those 2 events most will already know what the initial RSS will be used for and waiting to use it all at the first sign of event because raids come so fast.

Mech I understand what you are saying as in season end the event icon/armory is available for rest of the season for people to get their sigils and anything else. What I am saying is earlier it was not there. I logged in at it popped up, so I assumed that the event was live as it wouldn’t show up if the event wasnt live yet.

Sorry no you don’t understand what i’m saying.

There was a time (not sure when you started) where there was a perpetual armory available. With draco opening chests. This was available on any day of the week that ended in a “Y” (aka every single day). It was a chest on a pedestal in the middle of the ocean identical to as it is now.

When a PVP island would come up, it would surround this pedestal and make the complete island again.
When a minor event would come up, we would constantly have to check when event started by accessing the side menu armory button and see when it changed to the event icon with the timer count down til end of event.

It is NOT the same as them leaving the event running the duration of the season for people to claim prizes and spend sigils.

When you assume you make an ASS out of U and ME (but not really me this time because I knew better and confirmed the event before doing anything)


I started a year ago. Since then the armory would show up when the event went live. I was not around in the early days with the chests nor armory as you mentioned. Yes in PVP there is an island that shows up that will kick off the event. In minor events the event/armory icon shows up for the event. This has been the case for the past year, as that is the only basis of time that I have to go off of since I’ve been playing.

All I am asking for here is to have PG give a proper reply or resolution to the two tickets that I opened.

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So because they did it long ago ppl were supposed to know that it was coming back this week, without any kind of notice? :joy:

No! That’s dumb…Raids happen so fast you have to spend the RSS asap.
Any other time over the past year what he did and a lot of others did would have been perfectly fine except this time

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I’m saying use common sense.

Click to open up the event, it takes 10 seconds to confirm. Nobody can run your base in 10 seconds so you have time.


Not true…With all the lag event starts sometimes 5 minutes later or longer for some people.
Sometimes people have to exit out/restart several times to get it to appear and while they are doing that they have already been raided.
All the time I’ll see ppl in TC or LC saying event has started and others cannot get it to load. It’s pretty common.

And It has nothing to do with common sense.
If something is done the exact same way for over a year then you just automatically assume it’s going to be the same this time around especially since nobody received any kind of warning with in game mail, on the forum or anywhere!
I’m sure ppl will check now but to act like that was a mistake that should have been prevented is silly.
Lots of people me including made the same mistake for a reason lol

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I guess my routine is different than yours.
I open the game, and click on the icon to see if it’s started yet or not.
So i’m used to checking because i have trust issues.
It paid off this time :man_shrugging:


As soon as i see event icon pop up I immediately spend all Lumber so there’s no chance of it being raided. Have been raided to many times within first 5 minutes.

Yep definitely paid off lost 100k+ points and 35 days worth of Timers and over a million wood.
Tried to upgrade another tower thankfully elite account expired in 14 days so it wouldn’t let me otherwise the damage would have been double that.

Mech in future I will operate in the way you described. Thank you for that info.

@PGJared can you have your team please reply to my tickets. Thank you.

I put in a ticket and so did others so Just a warning you’ll get the typical sorry for the confusion reply and no we won’t be adding any points, rolling back a tower or doing anything at all…Have a great day!

Yup. Just got that from Arleyna. LOL.
Thanks @Twitchx