No Points for Dragon Potions

When this problem will fix.I used millions DP but still waiting for points.Also how do you know how much DP i spend?? Anybody can interest with this issue @PGCrisis

Potions don’t count I don’t think, just XP transferred with rubies (I think)


The potions don’t count for points…


Same problem for me @PGCrisis

As Ragnar said, potions don’t count.


As mentioned by Cheeky and Ragnar. Only exp obtained by rubies.

I haven’t seen one where exp potions gives points though.

Edit. Add a screenshot of the rules.

Nothing says that using exp potions gives points

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XP potions have never given points in Feeding event.


It clearly says that xp transferred is what gives points, potions only help you get points by allowing you to feed the Dragon sooner.

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XP Potion = Apply XP
Expert dragon to another dragon using rubies = Transfer XP
Purchasing XP using rubies when you have no expert dragon = Purchase XP


To be fair, maybe it reads different in whatever language the OP is set.

If they were going to let XP Potion count as points, then the word potion should be there, but yeah, it might be confusing for those that hasn’t experienced training event before.

Since feeding exists, potions never counted. It’s not a bug.

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Hmmm im starting to think potions dont count for points :thinking:


Are you sure that sounds suspect… i should think that xp potions count /s

Lololol this post is actually hilarious, xp hasn’t changed for level requirement, so you know that he hasn’t fed it between levels. Then he is claiming that he used xp potions to get up to 52 million / 3.06m xp. Which is comical because you can’t apply xp potions after you reach the training requirement for the level. So either the OP is hacking or trying to con PG for free items.

Check again.
53.2K / 3.06M

it’s 52 thousand out of 3 million.

It would be nice if PG added some points for using xp pots, even 1 point for 20xp would be good.

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I don’t really get why this should be a thing? It’s feeding event there is no food involved with using an xp potion

I think that part of the confusion is coming from where the potions are located. You have to go into the “Transfer xp” menu in order to use them.


Good point.