No points in event after 4 Attacks- PG, think about fixing it?

So, I try to get points in the event since the battle phase started, but everytime I attack it says „The results aren’t available yet…“ I close it, restart the event = nothing happens. Then I try to do team quests, can’t even do them because everything I do( even attacking normal bases) doesn’t count.
So, here’s a list of what I can do :
-Attacking for nothing
-opening chests

  • Here’s what I can’t do
    -Collect team achievements
    -Team quests
    -Event points
    So, is that normal? Never had that before. Already mailed the support, no answer yet. And I‘d like to participate in this event, but how Am I supposed to get the same amount of points in like the half of time?
    Restarted game, reinstalled game nothing. It’s just annoying when you cant participate in an event.
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I have exactly the same problem.

Have the same problem with an alt account. They told me since I changed teams I don’t get any points. Not what I read and understand to be true.

I’m getting the same and they’re telling me it’s because I changed teams right at the start, but my friend did the same and is able to get points??

Posting here to keep it in the same thread

I’ve seen i’m not the only one that’s been having this issue, but I’m not getting any points for my team this event and the loading points screen after an attack stays for a minute and then goes. I’ve been in contact with support who keep telling me that it’s because I changed teams, but I did it right at the start of the event (within first hour) and clearly just want to be able to score points for my new team + didn’t score any in my old team as I wasn’t in the team when event started. Support have been extremely unsympathetic and haven’t helped at all, to the point where I feel like I’m not going to continue playing after this weekend, @PGJared I was wondering if you could shed any light on this and help. I’m gutted that this is happening as I feel like I’m being punished for trying to want to earn tokens and sigils with my team and be more competitive, because a few people switched at the end of events. My game even says ‘eligible’ in the teammate contributions list and fair enough if I can’t join in with team quests because I joined late, but to punish me to the point of not scoring any points, letting me use energy packs and wasting energy, and making me want to quit the game isn’t cool

have you try REINSTALL method? :joy:

I have exactly the same thing on my alt haven’t found a way to fix it.

4 Times. Still don’t work.

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