No Points in Event, Team Switched

I just wanted some input. My mini’s team fell apart on Tuesday and I joined a new team on Thursday morning, post event starting.

I understood I wasn’t able to contribute to the team points because PG was trying to prevent people from abusing the system somehow, which I’m okay with.

However, I find it very disappointing I can’t even accumulate personal points in the event now because of a team switch. Why should we be restricted on gathering personal points? This really hurts for a mini account, especially 2 events out from wrapping up seasonal branches.

W T F! :confused:

PvP event works like war.

You can assist, but cannot be the main contributor if you are not part of the team when the war was declared (in this case, when the treasure hunt phase began)

I would submit a ticket if you have not already. You can do so via the help menu in game or via in a browser.

I can see why points won’t be applied to team score but why shouldn’t personal points be attainable?

I’m not a big team jumper, I’ve been in 2 teams in 3 years. It doesn’t impact me at all, I just don’t see the point of penalizing someone if they get kicked for some reason. Maybe they deserved it, maybe they didn’t? They should still be able to score personal prizes.


I know that only minor event can let you do that.

It’s just that if people keep on jumping team even without being able to contribute for the team, the game would need to record that score to the event.

In this case, the points he would gain for the individual points would go to the scoring between team and would decide who will get the flag.

Every attack you do on PvP event is contributing to your team’s rank.

A ticket won’t help here. This is a fundamental event design issue. Please raise this with the event design team to get it changed.

Thank you for the response Arelyna. I have submitted tickets to support and that’s where I got the information I posted. See below, ill copy/paste the dialogue with most recent on top.

Hey DirkDigglers,
Thanks for getting back to us. We really do apologize but since it’s a PvP Event, then you won’t be able to participate anymore. If this was not a PvP event then you could earn individual points. I understand that your team fell apart and I’m really sorry to hear that, but unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do. I hope you understand.
Thanks for playing.

Thank you for the reply. I’m not concerned about getting points for my team, but my personal points.
My team fell apart yesterday and I joined a new one. I understand I can’t contribute to the new teams points, but why can’t I get personal points? I will miss out on final sigils for the season.
(From me)

Hello DirkDigglers,
Unfortunately, you switched to a another Team during the event, and therefore you will be unable to gain points.
We had to implement this restriction due to the numerous exploits in the past. Players were switching Teams near the end of the events to try and get better prizes they did not work for. The community requested a fix and we agreed. That practice was unfair to all players.
I hope you understand why we put this system in place, and I am sorry that you will not be able to earn points for your Team for the rest of this event. Do not worry, though, you will gain your points next week!
Thank you for contacting us, and if you have any other questions or issues, please get back to us. Take care and happy hunting!

These address TEAM rewards, NOT personal rewards.

If the previous team DOES NOT EXIST, you should be able to join a new team and earn rewards, both personal and team, because how can that be exploiting anything if your previous team doesn’t exist?

Just to make sure we don’t add confusion and complication… the old team does still exsist. I just looked and currently 17/50 members haven’t left yet.

Oh, well that sucks. If you want points, go back there and earn them. When you said “fell apart”, it made it sound like it was gone. Sorry. I retract what I said earlier then.

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The ironic thing is that you still get team rewards when you switch teams… :man_facepalming:

Which is what needed to be fixed in the first place…:man_shrugging: Cause PG :rofl: You can still drop from “big spender league” to bronze, rack up on personal rewards, go back to “big spender league” and collect last place there, which is way better than 1st place in Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc…

Unless I’m missing something, that wouldn’t make sense though. The personal rewards don’t change from each tier, just the team prize.

How would dropping down to bronze to rack up personal points help? It’s actually harder to get points at lower tiers. Example, in Diamond this event, Top player on the team is currently paying out 131 points I believe. On my mini the top player is paying out about 120 points…

Most people in Diamond can take the base out that pay 120 points in Diamond.

What am I missing? tell me the secret! :slight_smile:

Apparently it was a “thing” in PVP events not that long ago to drop down to hit “easier” bases. As far as the secret, I dunno. I’ve never done it personally.

No secret, just that u can blind fly every single highest base in every team and just rack up points that way. It’s way easier down in Gold to max out personal points than in Diamond. Plus teams don’t defend down there.

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Got ya, so basically the people that fly while watching TV or other “videos” instead of actually playing the game :slight_smile:

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Yup people used to jump down to a bronze team, hit the level 7 opponents with their autopilot dragons (apo, kinn, etc) and get the 1.25x multiplier on all attacks super easily with no effort, then they would rejoin their other team for prizes.

I’m double checking on this one.


War Dragons is like the real world… the lazy make it tougher on the rest :rofl:

DirkDiggler LMFAO Johnny Holmes must have loved that movie

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